Short Paragraph on Love for Family

Our Love for family is our Universal human characteristic that makes us hold our family members close to our hearts and cherish them. There is no culture, country or ethnicity among the human race that does not feel love for their family. It is a transcultural aspect of human social life.

Why is it so important to love our family?

  • Love for family helps members feel closeness and cohesiveness
  • It binds family members emotionally together and makes the family One unit.
  • Love for family begins from the day we are born. A baby’s first love is their immediate family, I.e. the parent.
  • This emotion supports the larger social system by fostering unity and compassion in the smaller level of a social group, i.e. the family.
  • Individuals that feel unloved by family often develop dysfunctional and maladaptive personality and other psychological problems.

Love for one’s family is the foundational emotional nuance that binds human individuals together in emotional, physical and social bonds.

By Vishakha