Short Paragraph on My Aim in Life (Doctor)

My aim in life is to become a doctor. This has been my secret desire for long and now I am openly sharing my dream, my aim in life with all. One day I want to be a great and knowledged doctor, helping many people.

My responsibilities as a doctor are as follows:

  • As a doctor, I will be treating many patients and saving many lives.
  • I will be learning so much about our human physiology and biochemistry which are very interesting subjects.
  • As a doctor, I shall be genuinely helping out even those patients who can’t afford costly treatment, as everyone deserves medical support.
  • My aim in life to be a doctor motivates me to study sincerely from now itself, and be a good student.
  • This aim of mine helps me remain focused on the long term goals, and current healthy priorities in my life, without getting distracted.

Having a goal in life is always a very healthy thing as it inspires us to grow. My aim in life to be a fine doctor challenges me every day to better myself.

By Vishakha