Short Paragraph on My Neighborhood

My Neighborhood can be defined as the local area of a city, town or village surrounding my home, including the local community or people who live in that geography.

  • My neighborhood makes me feel that I am a part of a greater and wider human connection.
  • My neighborhood renders my living environment colorful, lively, interactive and socially safe.
  • Every neighborhood has its unique tone, texture and characteristics and so does my neighborhood.
  • As I take sincere interest in my neighborhood, I get to learn so much about other human lives, their struggles and victories and unique stories.
  • My neighborhood inspires me to learn more tolerance, non-judgment towards others, more social empathy and humanitarian values.
  • My neighborhood takes care of me and I take care of it, as all human beings are one big family.
  • My neighborhood also challenges me at times to stand up against harmful, wrong or socially unacceptable behavior I may notice in them.

My neighborhood may not be perfect but I love, accept and respect it. Every neighborhood teaches us something valuable in life and I enjoy learning from the everyday interaction I have with my neighborhood.

By Vishakha