The Book I Like Most – Short Essay

I like to read books often in my leisure that brings the passion in me while beginning to read the book. I have read several kinds of the book like, science fiction, fantasy, adventurous, real stories, thrillers, inspirational and even romantic stories. There are many books which I liked a lot after reading. The book I like the most is Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. The editor of the book was Barbara A. Mowat and Paul Werstine.

This is a romantic classic novel by Shakespeare. The story of Romeo and Juliet with the contrast of love and violence begins with the essence of love at first sight between the two and then ends with the union of the two lovers in death seems almost inevitable. This play of Shakespeare has an extraordinary setting of the quintessential story of the young lovers. Rather than feeling to overcome the giant obstacles to be together, they felt that they would rather die than be kept apart. This classic play sprinkles a flavor of the violent love story with a tragic ending. Shakespeare gave an exquisite language to his young lovers with affection.

By Vishakha