Value of Game and Sports – Short Essay

Games and sports are the important part of our life which keeps the body healthy and fit. It is advised by most of the doctor to exercise regularly, do Yoga, playing games and sports, etc. to be fit. Every kind of sports activities is usually outdoor, and the games can be both indoor and outdoor. The examples of indoor games are chess, carom board, ludo, etc. the examples of outdoor games are cricket, lone tennis, football, etc. It is good to spend some of a time of a day in playing games and sports as it brings freshness in mind and energies for work. The value of games and sports is as listed below:

  1. Playing outdoor games provides fresh air to breathe which contains more oxygen than the air in a closed room.
  2. It relaxes the body and mind which helps in increasing the concentration of work.
  3. It improves the immunity level of a human body which prevents from the attacks of many germs and diseases.
  4. It also plays a significant role in developing the human personality that involves attitude, punctuality, discipline, etc.
  5. Playing indoor games like Chess and Carom Board improves the thinking power and strategy- making ability within a child.
  6. Games and sports introduce a bright career for the youths who are dedicated to the sports activities.
  7. It improves the physical health of a child with the growth of maturity.

Games and sports are the essential part of the life which helps to keep the people healthy and energized. Everybody should understand the value of games and sports in their life. “All work and no play” leads to dizziness, indigestion of foods, sleepless night, etc. To overcome this regular issue, everyone should give importance to the regular activity of games and sports. It can be concluded from the above article that everybody should play any form of games and sports to refresh their body, mind and live a healthy life with full energy, concentration, and good personality.

By Vishakha