Visualize The Future – Short Essay

The mentioned topic “Visualize the Future” is a philosophical concept that indicates in the understanding of the happening in the future that has a positive side to be considered as the destiny. There are some people who believe in the forecasting of future and try to take the precaution of any negative event in future. But some belief in the existence of destiny that lies in the hands of God. There are even some ratios of people who believe in shaping their own destiny through their deeds that is creating its own future. It can be considered that shaping the future is a very practical matter which depends on the deeds of an individual.

It is an interesting philosophy and exciting state of mind which always remain keen in knowing the future events.

With the positive vision of the future, an individual always remains happy and energized for living in that future.

It is a psychological state of a human mind that inclines toward the positive vision of the future with the feeling of each and every moment of that future.

Visualizing the future helps in gaining confidence in oneself with the positive state of mind. It increases the stability towards the mission and strengthens the grip for holding the future.

The positive state of mind often instigates to visualize the success story of one’s life which brings a stage of happiness in one’s life.

Thus we can consider “Visualizing the Future” is a mental exercise for being happy, confident and energized. It is a psychological state of mind which bears both positive and negative results. The negative visionary of the future brings depression, frustration and tension in life which may be meaningless. But a positive visionary always shows the light of hope for success in future.

By Vishakha