Short Essay on Personal Hygiene

Hygiene is crucial because it affects your health. There are places on our bodies where germs and parasites can thrive such as the skin and the body openings such as the mouth.   With poor hygiene, these germs and parasites can get into your body and cause health problems. Proper personal hygiene will prevent this.

Personal hygiene practices

Shower regularly

Take a bath as often as you can to eliminate these micro-organisms from your skin. Throughout the day your body excretes excess water. Other than that dust particles and micro-organisms can settle on your skin. They can get into your system and cause you health issues for instance when eating with your hands.

Wearing clean clothes

After taking a shower, you have to change into clean clothes. Dirty garments may still transfer dirt and germs to you. Therefore, they will contaminate you again, and you will not feel nor look fresh.

Brushing your teeth

Personal grooming also involves brushing and cleaning your mouth. When your ear and food particles remain in your mouth and on the teeth,   they decompose, and in the process, they can cause tooth decay and consequently bad breath. Brush your teeth, clean your tongue, and floss if you can.

Washings your hands

Wash your hands after visiting the washrooms and after changing the baby. Also, wash your hands when you want to handle food. As you start to prepare food, wash your hands with soap and water. As you go to the table to eat, ensure your hands are clean as well.

Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing

When you sneeze or cough without covering your mouth and nose, some fluid droplets from your mouth and mucus from your nose may be released into the air. This will contaminate other people if they contain disease-causing micro-organisms.

Sun-dry your clothes

The sun will destroy any disease-causing micro-organisms on your clothes. That is why it is highly recommended for ladies to sun-dry their inner garments.

Take care of yourself because you can. keep yourself in a healthy state always

By Lorah

Short Essay on Nutrition

Nutrition is a type of science. It explains the relationship between the nutrients we intake from foods and the growth and development of living things as well as their health, maintenance, and reproduction. Nutrition also means the consumption of foods that nourish our bodies with their nutrients for health, growth, and development.

Consuming the right foods is crucial for human beings. Our nutrition is the reason why some people are healthy while others are not. Eating well by ensuring that your meals are healthy and well balanced. A balanced meal has all the nutrients.

Typically, we have seven nutrients and are categorized into two: micro-nutrients and macro-nutrients.


These are the nutrients that one needs to take them in small portions. They include:

Minerals: these are elements that are inorganic that the body needs for various functions. Such minerals include calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, and so on. They promote the normal functioning of the body.

Vitamins: these are also essential elements that help with a lot of chemical processes among other things in the body. Some of the vitamins include vitamin A, C, D, E, K, and B vitamins (biotin, niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, and more)


These are nutrients that the body needs in large portions. They include:

Carbohydrates: these foods provide us with energy for the day to day activities. They include foods like grains, legumes, and starchy vegetables among others.

Proteins: these are the foods that are crucial for growth, development, and repair or body tissues and muscles. They include seafood, animal products, almonds, eggs, and more.

Roughage: these are the fibers found in certain foods that are indigestible and are essential for digestion and gut health.

Fats: healthy fats are also essential for the body, and they are also a source of energy. You can get fats from chia seeds, avocados, cheese, eggs, fatty fish, and more.

Water: water forms a more significant percentage of the body and is crucial for all body functions and transportation of nutrients.

Healthy living demands healthy nutrition coupled up with physical exercises. Check your diet and ensure you have all these nutrients.

By Lorah

Short Essay on Never Judge a Book by its Cover

‘Never judge a book by its cover’ is an idiom that has been passed down from one generation to the next since time immemorial. This phrase urges us that we should never make assumptions about anything or anyone from a superficial point of view.

A lot of time people make positive or negative judgments based on what they can see or what they have heard. A lot of times one realizes they were very wrong to judge a person. A person can be right but a few times only. To be on the safe side always follow the phrase.

A wise person once told me that the lowest form of knowledge is one that comes from assumptions and there is an undisputed element of truth in that. This is particularly when it comes to people. Other than assuming anything, take time to find ‘real’ facts.

What to do

Here are two things that can help you:

Interact with people

You may have heard a lot of hear-say stories about a person. That must never be an opinion that you accept and use it to relate to a person. When you hear things about a person, find the time and interact with them first. Do not go and tell them what others have been saying. This will cause strife. Be wise and establish a relationship on a fairground. From there, you will have the first-hand experience and form accurate perceptions.

Remember that everyone has a story

Never pass judgments on a person even after you met them for the first time, and they made an impression that did not resonate well with you. Try and find out what the story behind a person could be. A lot of times, people go through situations that make them adopt certain survival behaviors that end up being a part of them.

You will be surprised that after several interactions and you learn about their stories, you will understand them better. From there, you will know how to relate to them and help them become better people.

Making assumptions can cost you a lot. Therefore, be a better person and give people the benefit of the doubt.

By Lorah

Short Essay on Mother Nature

Mother Nature

At one point we have called the earth, ‘mother nature.’ In comparison to a mother, earth sustains our life and nurtures us in many ways. That is why the term ‘mother nature’ was birth. This is a term that reflects on the sustenance and nurturing aspects that nature provides.

Nature takes care of all forms of life in many ways. That is why when nature suffers from human actions; humans suffer as well. As living creatures, nature is our mother, and when the mother is not well, the children will not be well.

How Mother Nature takes care of us

She provides healthy foods

If there are no human interruptions, the earth produces the healthiest produce all the time without needing any chemicals. People know this, and that is why they are turning to organic foods. Under the right conditions, the ground amazes people with its fruits.

Nature gives us water

There are so many natural rivers, dams, and lakes. We also have oceans to boast of across the world. All these are gifts of nature for us to enjoy. These sources of water are channeled to provide water for our homes as well. Other than that, when you dig the ground, you will also get water, and that is why we have wells.

It lights our ways

The celestial bodies are also considered part of nature. This means that the sun and the moon are also part of nature. In the day, the sun lights our path and keeps us warm, nourish us with vitamin D, and to help plants to grow. At night we have the moon to shine our way.

Mother nature provides us with resources

There are so many natural resources that nature offers humans to utilize for various things. Human’s have used these resources to advance in life and also to develop the world. Such resources include metals, minerals, and so on.

She offers natural medicine

Other than food, Mother Nature also gives us natural medicine for our bodies.

Mother Nature has done an excellent job of taking care of people. We must honor her by taking care of her as well.

By Lorah

Short Essay on Morality


Morality is a set of principles or standards set concerning how people behave and conforms to what the society considers to be acceptable. It can also be defined as a system made up of specific values that help to tell apart the right and the wrong.

People always emphasize morality all over the world. While a lot of people have different considerations for what is wrong and what is right, a lot of people have loosened their morality cords over the years. A lot of things are now acceptable in the society while a long time ago they were forbidden.

Human values are built upon it and passed to generations

Good morals will always develop better generations to come. But when morality keeps getting diluted, the generations to come will not have a clear distinction between right and wrong. How long before other generations start to live like wild animals in human flesh?

Moral values show who a person is

Our values make us who we are. When you have the right and acceptable values in you, you will be an upright person in life. Something can be acceptable yet not right. Build yourself on the proper principles in life.

Morality helps us to build quality friendships

Everyone wants to be surrounded by a person who thinks, acts, and speaks well at all times. If you are morally bankrupt, no one will want your company. You can easily corrupt them, and we have all been warned of how bad company ruins good morals.

Morality preserves a community

Good morals preserve the world. When we uphold morality, there will be no problems such as violence, dishonesty, hatred, abuse at any level, disregard for others, human trafficking, murder, and so on.

Morality helps one to hold themselves in and deal with situations properly

There are times when something happens to you, and you wish you could express yourself in the way you want. But because of the principles in you, you will strive to express yourself rightly.

Morality is not a light subject as people may think. The society needs to build the right values for humanity to keep getting better.

By Lorah

Short Essay on ‘Manners Maketh Man’

‘Manners maketh man’ is a quote that has existed for a very long time. ‘Maketh’ is an ancient word that means ‘make.’

This quote means that our mannerisms are what make us different from other animals and keep us from being savages. For instance, other animals do what the want freely and without shame or guilt. But human beings are different because of the appropriate manners we have.

Also, this quote means that a person’s behaviors and characteristics make them who they are. Therefore, you can judge a person to be good or bad according to their manners. The definitions of this phrase are correct.

There are two parts to a person; the one that we can see and the one that we cannot see. We must never judge a book by the kind of cover it has because that is not all there is. In the same way, we cannot judge a person from what is on the outside but what is on the inside. You cannot look at a person and say they are good or bad by how they look. You have to open them so that you can read them.

A person is who they are on the inside, and the beauty of everything is that one can only bring outside what they have on the inside. This means that the kind of mannerisms or characteristics that you show come from deep inside you. In ‘opening’ a person so that you can ‘read’ them, initiates contact and be around them. Look at how they behave with people, their responses to situations, how they address those below them and above them, and so on. The characters you will see are what makes them who they are.

By Lorah

Short Essay on Man and Woman Should Have Equal Rights

Men and women are not the same, and that is a fact just like all men are not the same, and all women are not the same. However, just because they are not the same does not mean that they should not be treated equally.

The world has come a long way to ensure that gender equality is maintained in all areas of life. While the progress is impeccable, there are still a few societies that need to learn about gender equality. Discrimination against sex damages the community and causes retrogression. The reason is that a lot of potentials are left unexplored because one gender is caged.

Some people do not want to embrace the thought of equality because they think it is all about giving women an advantage over men. That is a wrong perception of this noble course.

Ensuring that men and women have equal rights is a matter of balancing the equation between them. It is about giving equal opportunities in all areas of life. Remember, some men have also had a few issues in the past as they tried to break into female-dominated industries. This goes to show us that it is more than creating rules that will give women an upper hand.

Impact of equal rights between men and women

There have been excellent benefits of impartiality, and they include:

Equal chances to have a successful life

There are no limitations as to the kind of jobs or opportunities that each gender can have. Therefore, everyone is free to do what they can to have a successful life.

There has been more respect across genders

Whether a woman ventures into a man’s world or vice versa, people have learned to respect each other as well as their choices. The society judges no one for doing what they genuinely love.

Unity is enhanced

As people work in different positions, have equal opportunities, mingle in different professions and so on, the genders become more unified and consequently the whole nation.

Men and women need to have equal rights because partiality is an enemy of progress.

By Lorah

Short Essay on Lotus Temple (India)

The Lotus Temple is one of the most fabulous structures you have ever seen. It has an exquisite design that looks like a lotus flower. It is situated in Delhi, India and it is a Baha’i House of Worship.

An architect called Furiburz Sabha did the development of the Lotus temple. It features an expressionists architectural design. The architect went for the lotus flower look because of how Indians hold dear the lotus flower because of its religious significance.

This temple has a total of 27 marble-clad petals that are free-standing, and the building is made of white marble. It has nine sides.

From the central point, the temple has a height of over 40 meters. This gorgeous Lotus temple can hold a total of 2500 people.

There is no specific God that is worshipped in this temple. According to the Baha’i Faith, this house of worship is an open space for every kind of person regardless of religion. There are no restrictions as to who can enter the temple and who cannot enter the temple.

A lot of tourists visit this temple when they go to Delhi. The best times to visit are between 9.00 am and 5.30 p.m. You can also visit Lotus Temple on any day apart from Monday. While you are here, you will enjoy the serenity, the enchanting water pools, and the lovely gardens. There are no entrance charges.

If you can, ensure that you visit this place. You will never want to leave.

By Lorah

Short Essay on Library


A library is a room or a building that has a vast collection of resources that offer information such as books, periodicals, films, recordings, and more. All these sources of information are accessible by the public for free, and it operates on a ‘borrow and return’ principle. Even so, there are also private libraries created by individuals for their use.

The resources found in a library can either be physical or digital and especially in a modern library. Every society needs a library.

Reasons why libraries are important

Offers free learning materials

Some students are in need of study materials but do not have the finances to acquire the resources they need. A library gives them the chance to get them without spending a dime, and this helps to smoothen their academic journey.

Libraries preserve history

Libraries are the excellent place for historic preservation. As time goes by, what we know now becomes a part of history. When the information we have is properly documented and stored in a library, generations to come will find it.

They are excellent for self-education

A library is a place where anyone can go to study a few things for self-improvement. It does not need to be for academics or research purposes but self-education. Those that have computers can also form an excellent platform for people to explore the use of computers if they cannot afford to buy them or to pay the cyber fees.

Helps to develop reading groups

People can make friends at the library, and they can create reading or studying groups which will help them significantly. It can help one build their social behaviors.

Promotes a sense of togetherness

As you visit the library and meet other ‘book lovers’ like you, it gives you a sense of belonging. You feel like you are a part of something bigger.

It is a safe and quiet space for studying

The library is one place that has the most conducive environment to study. There are no disturbances and distractions.

There are so many reasons why libraries are an essential part of a community. The advantages they offer cannot be disputed.

By Lorah

Short Essay on Leisure


Leisure is that time when you have no work to do. It is also the use of one’s free time for fun activities. Leisure is vital for healthy living since we all know that too much work without a little play makes you dull and cranky.

Benefits of leisure

Leisure is very beneficial to everyone because it improves us mentally and physically as well. Here are some of the advantages.

Offers a time to rest

When you work too much, you need to schedule your leisure time. This is the time you will spend to rest your mind as well as your body so that you can be ready for the next activities.

Leisure helps relieve stress and depression

People use leisure time to do activities that they love whether it is listening to music, watching a movie, dancing, playing basketball, and so on. These activities help with the release of serotonin which is a mood stabilizer and improves the feeling of wellness.

Keeps you physically fit

Leisure activities can significantly impact your physical fitness as you engage them. This is mainly for those that are physical and need a lot of energy to accomplish them. They will keep your body fats on the lower side; reduce cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, and so on.

It improves your quality of life

When you balance between work and leisure, you become more productive in life. You will always be energetic, mentally ready, and physically ready for work. This is as compared to when you work hard and hardly take time to yourself.

Leisure activities can sharpen our skills

When you engage in your favorite activities such as playing basketball, skiing, painting, or any other activities, you are enhancing your skills. You will always be trying to be better every time.

Leisure helps with self-discovery

When you are enjoying your leisure time, you get a chance to look deeper into yourself. You will get the chance to discover what makes you, to develop your character and values, and more.

Work is important. Even so, leisure is equally as important. Without it, your health will be compromised among other things.

By Lorah