Short Paragraph on My Favourite Game (Badminton)

My Favourite Game (Badminton)

Out of all the sports I know, badminton is my favourite game. Playing badminton keeps me healthy and active whole day. Badminton is a beautiful game which requires fast reaction and strength. It can be played between two people or between two teams of doubles.

  • Playing badminton only requires two types of equipment, the racket, and the shuttle. Both of these are not very expensive and can be found easily in the market.
  • I started playing badminton when I was seven years old. Our physical education instructor taught us this sport very well and encouraged us to improve our skills.
  • I go to the badminton court near my house every day in the evening to play it with my friends.
  • Badminton helps in improving synchronisation of the whole body as it requires quick reaction to a shot.
  • I watch badminton competitions on television to learn how the professionals play.

Playing badminton is the best to remain physically fit and active. I dream of representing my country in this sport someday.

By: Saket

Short Paragraph on ‘My Favourite Teacher’

My Favourite Teacher

Teachers are one of the most important people in our lives. They not only impart our knowledge and wisdom, but they also act as inspiration for us. My Favourite teacher is Ms Priya. She teaches us the subject of English and is also our class teacher.

  • She is very knowledgeable in English vocabulary and speaks the language fluently.
  • Her teaching method is very interactive, and she makes sure to involve everyone in the learning process.
  • Ms Priya gives us very less homework as she makes us complete most of the work in the class.
  • She is very strict when it comes to student behaviour. She gets outraged when somebody breaks the rules or misbehaves in the class.
  • Like a few of my classmates, I used to be weak in English. She focused on improving our understanding of the language and grammar

I look up to her as my role model. I not only want to be as knowledgeable as her but also be a polite and kind in person like her.

By: Saket

Short Paragraph on ‘My Dream School’

My Dream School

As students, we spend a significant part of our day at school. It is the place which lays the foundation for our future and shapes our personality. My dream school would be where the focus would more on developing life and social skills rather than theoretical subjects.

  • The teaching method would be interactive and will involve the use of the latest technological innovations.
  • Teaching won’t be restricted to closed classrooms but would occasionally be done in open natural environment.
  • Rather than homework, the students will be asked to do exciting activities for learning and record their responses to share with the class on the next day.
  • More priority will be given to involving everyone in sports activities and teaching the importance of team building.
  • There will not be a final examination where somebody would pass or fail. Instead, it will be a social, mental and practical skills evaluation which would only be focused on positive feedback.

I wish such a dream school comes into existence soon and children from all backgrounds can join and learn together.

By: Saket

Short Paragraph on My Favourite Sport (Football)

My Favourite Sport (Football)

My favourite sport is Football. It is not only a very physically demanding game but also requires one to have very sharp reactions. IT is a team sport which is played between two teams of 11 players each. It is played on a rectangular green field.

  • Football is a ball game in which the target is to score a goal by putting the ball in the oppositions net.
  • The team is structured in four parts, the attack, midfield, defence, and
  • I play football in our school playground with my classmates and also take part in inter-school football competitions.
  • I like to play as a defender because I am tall, strong and can efficiently tackle the other player to win the ball back.
  • I also enjoy watching football on Television. Watching professional footballers game teaches us many skills which are essential to be a good football player.
  • My favourite football player is Sergio Ramos, who plays for Spain as a defender.

Football requires tremendous discipline and focus. It is fun to play and helps in building team spirit and improving how we interact with others.

By: Saket

Short Paragraph on ‘An Important Person in My Life’

An Important Person in My Life

An important person in my life is my elder brother. He is five years elder to me and has taken care of me since I was a child. He is very protective of me and is always teaching me valuable life lessons.

  • My elder brother helps me in studying. I am very week in a few subjects so every day he teaches me and helps me with my homework after finishing his studies.
  • We both go to the same school, and I ride pillion on his bicycle on our way to school.
  • In school, he keeps a check on me and how I am performing in the class by asking my teachers. He also makes sure that none of the other classmates bully
  • Whenever he get chocolates or sweets, he saves them and shares with me later.
  • Sometimes he is very strict and gets in angry on me when I do something. But I know that his anger is because he cares.

My brother is my role model, and I wish to follow in his footsteps in the future.

By: Saket

Short Paragraph on ‘An Important Event in My Life’

An Important Event in My Life

Every day we go through many experiences, but some of them leave an unforgettable impression on our minds. One such important event in my life took place on the first day of my new school. We had moved to a new city as my father’s work required him to shift there. I had to bid farewell to all my old friends and start my education in the new school.

  • I was very nervous before entering the school premises as I did not know anyone there.
  • From outside I could hear the students chattering in the class, but as soon as I entered they all stopped talking and stared at me.
  • It was a scary moment as I could feel their gaze on me.
  • Suddenly a few of them came towards me and welcomed me to the class. Suddenly all my nervousness was gone.
  • One of the fellow student, Rahul, asked to sit next to him.
  • He gave me a lecture plan for the week and offered help in catching up with the chapters that I had missed.

It was a remarkable experience for me, and I will always remember this day in my life.

By: Saket

How I Spent My Summer Holidays – Paragraph

How I Spent My Summer Holidays

Summer holidays are the best time to learn new skills which are usually not taught in school. This is why my parents got me admitted into Swimming and vocational training classes during the last summer break.

  • I have always stayed away from water, so learning to swim was a challenge for me.
  • Every day I woke up early in the morning went to the swimming class with my brother.
  • They had a smaller shallow pool for early learners and would only allow us to go to the larger swimming pool after we have cleared the primary training.
  • Our instructor taught how to stay afloat by paddling and also how to manage to breathe while swimming.
  • It was physically very demanding, but the most exciting part was learning different strokes in swimming.

I am glad that I spent my summer learning swimming because it is a useful skill which can come in handy in life. I plan to enhance my swimming ability further so that someday I can even take part in swimming competitions.

By: Saket

Short Paragraph on ‘My Best Friend’

My Best Friend

We all make many friends, but only a few them can be described as our best friend. My best friends name is sandy. He and I have been friends for six years. He lives in the same neighbourhood as me as we have been going together to the same school since the beginning.

  • We go the school together every day and sit next to each other in the class.
  • We help each other in academics also. He is excellent in Mathematics and supports me in understanding the topics whenever I am unable to.
  • In the evening we play together on the playground near our house. We play tennis there, and he and I always play in a doubles
  • I share all my thoughts and secrets with him because I trust him more than others.
  • His parents are also our family friends and last weekend we all go out on trips together.

I am proud to have him as my best friend as we always give positive advice to each other. Good friends are hard to find and should be valued throughout life.

By: Saket

Short Paragraph on ‘An Important Day in My Life’

An Important Day in My Life

Yesterday was a very important day in my life as my class 5th’s final examination result was to be announced yesterday. The examination had taken place some days back, and since then I had been anxiously waiting for the evaluation of all my efforts.

  • I was extremely restless in the night before result and kept wondering how my result would turn out to be.
  • I woke up early in the morning and got ready quickly to go to school. I was feeling nervous as well as excited.
  • Before entering the school premises, I chatted with my All of them were as nervous as me as the whole year’s hard work was at stake.
  • I entered the class and went towards my teacher’s table to collect my report card. She looked at me with a smile and congratulated me as I had topped my class in this examination. I was shocked with joy and disbelief.
  • I went home and showed the result to my They overjoyed at my success.

My family members and close friends were equally happy and proud of me for this achievement. This result made it a very important and unforgettable day for me.

By: Saket

Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Technology

Technology is the application of scientific knowledge and techniques to solve man’s problems. Over the years, technology has grown and evolved due to increase in research and knowledge.

Modern technology is the advancement and evolution of old technology with new modifications all in a bid to make life better for the human race.

The impact of modern technology in our present day life cannot be overemphasized. Modern day technology changed a lot and replaced previously used technology that we had in the previous centuries. This is as a result of its increased benefits and newfound popularity. Despite the seemingly good intentions of scientists and researchers, technology is riddled with its fair share of advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of modern technology

  • Unlike in time past, nowadays it has become very easy to access relevant information anywhere, at any time. Modern technology like broadband internet has made it relatively easy for different types of data and information to be published and accessed online. With smart devices, like iPad, android phones, laptops and tablets.
  • Modern transportation technology has made it easy to travel extremely long distances. Due to the advent of machines like electric trains, airplanes and cars; distances that used to take a long time to cover can be covered within minutes.
  • Development of the health industry: Devices like the dialysis machine, the defibrillator, the X-ray machine etc. have reduced the death rate of patients in hospitals and have made the work of medical personnel relatively easier. In addition, it has also led to the development of health applications that can help us monitor our health, weight and sometimes fitness.
  • Thanks to modern technology, in the comfort of your room you can interact with millions of people all across the world with additional features like video calling. This opportunity is also used to advertise ones goods and services
  • Unlike the traditional methods of marketing before the internet and media where only a limited amount of persons could be reached at a time; the internet provides an opportunity for you to present your ideas, goods and services to a wider range of people.
  • Innovation and creativity have been taken to the next level.
  • It is now very convenient to learn and grab information online.
  • Communication has been made a lot faster.
  • Entertainment gadgets have been improved.
  • Problems can now be solved with relative ease.
  • It helps small businesses to grow.
  • It has made advertisement cheaper and easier.
  • It has made life easier.
  • It has made education less strenuous
  • It has made people more efficient

Disadvantages of modern technology

  • Due to recent technological innovations some people have lost their jobs.
  • Because the efficiency of machines are high and their margin for errors are quite low, some activities that were carried out by humans in companies are now being handled by machines. For example, robots are now replacing human-beings in doing many jobs.
  • Increased loneliness due to addiction to mobile devices and withdrawal from people around you.
  • Modern technology has led to the development of weapons that can lead to mass destruction. Devices like automatic weapons, the atomic bomb, grenades and Hydrogen bombs can lead to destruction of lives and properties on a large scale.
  • Some machines like vehicles, emit harmful gases into the atmosphere that cause atmospheric pollution and also cause respiratory diseases. Some machines also release very loud sound during use-age, causing noise pollution.
  • It has reduced competency due to over dependence on technological gadgets.
  • It has increased security risks from hacking.
  • It has increased the rate of global warming.
  • Increase in cyber-crimes.
  • Proliferation of technological devices especially smartphones by a lot of people especially kids has led to them being addicted to their over use.
  • If kids lack supervision or checks are not put in place i.e. parental control, they can be exposed to inappropriate contents via the internet.
  • Cyber bullying and internet trolls are harmful.
  • The distraction caused by the overuse or addiction to these smartphones.
  • Access to private data by hackers. As data security isn’t guaranteed.


Conclusively, although modern technology has its associated disadvantages some of which have been listed above, one cannot deny the salient fact that the advent of technology in recent years has improved our lives in multiple ways enabling us to enjoy some degrees of comfort and also to carry out a lot of our daily activities much more easily than before. Most things in life usually have pros and cons and technology isn’t an exemption. That being said, if properly handled most of the disadvantages associated with modern technology can be abated to a minimal level.

By: Jay Kuch