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Short Essay on Solar System

The solar system is a system made up of the sun, planets, comets, asteroids, meteoroids, the planets’ satellites, and the interplanetary medium. It is everything that orbits around the sun and is bound to it by its force of gravity.

We know a lot of information about the solar system as taught in class. Even so, here are some fun facts about the solar system.

There are two sets of planets: major planets and dwarf planets

Up until 2008, we knew Pluto as a major planet. However, it was demoted in that year into a dwarf planet. Dwarf planets are tiny, and we have five of them. They are Pluto, Haumea, Makemake, Eris, and Ceres.

Pluto’s diameter is smaller than that of the U.S

In 2015, Pluto’s diameter was established as 2,371km. The distance from North California to Maine is around 4,700km. It is the approximate diameter of the United States. Now you see why it deserves to be a dwarf planet.

Jupiter’s ocean is the biggest

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun, and it is primarily made up of hydrogen and helium. Because of the pressure deep down below the cloud tops, the hydrogen turns to liquid. Thanks to computer models present, the ocean is estimated to be as deep as 40,000km. Should the circumference of the earth be converted a length in kilometers, it would be as long as the depth of Jupiter’s ocean.

The end of the solar system is not where Pluto’s orbit is

A lot of people assume that the end of the solar system is where the realm of the dwarf planet Pluto is. Studies show that there are so many objects far beyond Pluto. Research shows that the solar system extends further around 125,000 earth’s distance from the sun. These are almost two light years.

The ‘Earth is the center of the universe’ false belief

There were thousands of years when human beings lived under the assumption that the planet Earth was at the universe’s center. People were also unaware that the solar system existed.

These are a few fun facts that you should know.

By Lorah

Essay on Importance of Punctuality

Punctuality is one of prolific traits that a person should have. Basically, it is characterized by respect for time. Through this people will admire you and rely on you since they know you good in keeping time. Being punctual shows how you are devoted to the assigned tasks.

Naturally, some situations in life will sometimes prompt you to be punctual i.e. your day’s job and attending and interview. Therefore, so that you will not feel the pinch of waking early you need to embrace this good behavior. In addition to that, punctuality is used to access individual performance .Therefore, if you wish to earn trust and respect continue reading to find out the benefits for your punctuality.

Importance of Punctuality


Punctuality is non-verbal expression of respect for others. People will respect you in return despite your position or age. Eventually they will confide in you because they know what you have purposed to do you will achieve it.


Meeting deadlines has been a challenge to many folks. That is why some people feel too pressurized in completing assigned task in time. Professional punctuality assures they can count on your for your services.

Team-centered goals

If you have a job and you are on time for conference calls and meetings then you have demonstrated you have team-centered goals. Team-focused employees respond to emails on time and avoid extended lunch breaks.


Punctuality demonstrate you are willing to undertake your job seriously hence being your source of job security. Especially if you are in a tough job market you will be in a better position.


Punctuality is an act of professionalism which helps you to stand out as trustworthy and reliable employee. It establishes your reputation at your workplace.

It shows how organized you are

A punctual person has high level of organization. He thinks precisely, prioritizes and organizes given tasks. This collectively makes you successful.


Networking in a company happens before meetings. If you are punctual you can have an opportunity to talk with leaders of the company thus creating a rapport.


Being punctual gives you a chance to prepare your mind and thoughts for the task assigned. This will help you run smoothly throughout the day.

High chances of getting promotions

Punctuality makes you stand out and this contributes to being considered for a promotion. Most people have earned promotion


Getting early for meetings shows you are trustworthy. Punctuality portrays that you can be trusted over assigned tasks.

Dependability and reliability

Your boss will be sure that you will handle the task assigned. This only happens when you have a good track record of punctuality.


These are benefits of being punctual but for you to enjoy them you have to make it your habit. Slowly start by observing simple time management skills and eventually you will be punctual anywhere you will be required. Start by being punctual today and you will realize what you have been missing.

By IsaacV

My Favorite Holiday Trip – Short Essay

I have seen a lot of holiday destinations in my life. I have visited Manali, I have visited Goa, and I have visited a lot of other cities and famous tourist attractions. But my favorite holiday trip was when I traveled to New Delhi on my bike with a friend. Here are all the details about this amazing trip:

  • There wasn’t any specific reason to go to this amazing trip; it was just that my friend came to my house and we decided to go to a trip, and as the tickets were not booked, we decided to move by my bike. So we packed our bags, fueled our bodies with energy drinks and moved to our destination.
  • While going towards my destination, I had my breakfast, and my friend had it too. We both rested for some time and then moved towards the destination again.
  • Songs were being sung by both of us, and we were very loud and chilled out, and we didn’t even know where we have reached and how many kilometers we are lagging behind our destination.
  • It was the day I came to know that my bike works very well because it never gave any problem throughout the journey and it was a very smooth journey. My bike gave a high mileage, and it saved me some money which I had expected to be spent on the petrol.
  • When I reached the destination, I wandered all the places in Delhi, and I tasted every popular food item of Delhi and visited every famous or historical place of our nation’s capital. I just loved Delhi very much because I am a wanderer and it made me wander around so many wonderful tourist attractions. And also I am a food lover and the delicious food items that I had that day, I can’t even name them all. All I can say is that everything was so amazing in Delhi.

So, this was everything about my favorite holiday trip; this trip would be remembered by me forever because of the fun I had as well as because of the back pain that I got after the trip.

By Vishakha

Short Essay on Tennis

Tennis is a wonderful game being played all over the world. Lawn tennis, table tennis, etc. are games which involve a lot of physical activities which keep a human being fit and active. People mostly concentrate in playing cricket or football in their young ages but playing tennis is one of the most wonderful physical activities one can do because it involves various tasks to be done by your entire body for a long period of time. Playing tennis has lots of health benefits as well as personal benefits, here are those:

  • Playing tennis means that you will have a better physique, you will have better aerobic capacities, and you will be having maintained blood pressure and your body will remain in an anabolic state for a longer time which means that you will have a better metabolism.
  • All the people struggling to lose weight can try playing tennis for a week and then can themselves realize the sudden dip in their weight because of the physical activities they will be indulged in.
  • Tennis is a game which can be played at any age according to the stamina and activeness your body has and thus even at old age, you will be getting great physical activity attached with a lot of fun as well. Moreover, one can just need a ground, a net, a tennis ball, and tennis rackets only, to play this wonderful sport.
  • Players like Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, earn a lot by playing Tennis and both of them are counted as one of the highest paid sportspersons. Thus, by playing tennis, one can earn huge money for his better lifestyle as well, and for proof, one can Google the net worth of famous tennis players.
  • If you get to play tennis professionally, you will be going in various countries to play, and in this way, you will get to see lots of countries, and you will get paid for that as well.

Here are some important benefits of playing one of the best sports in the world Tennis which involves not only some health benefits but also some benefits, which one may never get by playing some other kind of sport.

By Vishakha

If I Ruled the World – Short Essay

It is very well known to everyone that there can’t be a single ruler to the entire world and there hasn’t been a single ruler to the entire world. The Mughals have covered a lot of part of the world, The English had covered a vast area as well, but there has never been a single ruler of the entire world. But many times I think what would have been happening in the world if I ruled the world. Here is my imagination:

  • If I were the ruler, I would have made a rule in which anybody who is obese and who is not taking proper and healthy meals would be fined every time he goes overweight, and for every day a person would be overweight, he needs to pay double the amount of his weight as fine.
  • There wouldn’t be any borders and people would be allowed to travel and live around the world without any kinds of visas, and if anybody wanted to have a permanent residence of a nation, he would have to give a technical and language test only.
  • Even if the entire world is calm and without worries, lots of securities persons would be hired to make sure that there isn’t any kind of violence happening in the world.
  • I would have made sure that the economic condition of nations around the world is very stable and I will try to invest in countries who are getting economically down. In this way, no person around the world would be suffering from poverty.
  • I would have made every sport popular around the world. For example, right now Rugby is not very popular in India but very popular around the world, and similarly, Cricket is very famous in India but not very famous in nations like the USA. In this way, every nation would have been a master of every sport.

So, this is how I would have ruled the world if I was considered the ruler of the world.

By Vishakha

I Want to Become a Doctor in Future – Short Essay

People of my age have different aspirations, and a lot of people can’t even stick to one goal that they would be following in their future. But fortunately I have chosen a goal that I will be following in the future, and I have some reasons for that. Here is why I want to become a doctor in future.

  • To become a doctor, I have to do lots of studies, lots of hard work and an enormous amount of determination is required to become a doctor. So, while I would be becoming a doctor, I will learn three arts of life, i.e., hard work, studying and determination, which will be very beneficial for me in the future.
  • Doctors do a very noble cause as they save lives and if we are getting a chance to save someone’s life, why would we ignore it. I want to save some lives, and that is why I want to become a doctor.
  • Currently, the youth is very dicey about their future as if someone is having arts, commerce or even science with math in his 10+1, 10+2, he has lots of career options, and if he doesn’t have a single aim, he would be very confused in future to achieve in something in life. But I will be a medical student, and that is why it is clear to me that I will either become a doctor or a medical teacher only.
  • I want to make my parents proud, and the life gives very fewer chances for that. Either I have to do such a deed where I get very famous, and everyone around the world gets to know me which will make my parents proud or I can become a doctor where if I helped some patients to get out of danger, their belongings would give me blessings, and it will also make my parents proud that their son is helping others for a noble cause and not for money.
  • Doctor’s profession has lots of money as well, and by becoming a doctor, a can take good care of my family, and I can feed them very well.

Here is why I wanted to become a doctor and help other people throughout my life.

By Vishakha

Short Essay on Sports and Games

Sports and games are physical activities that are involved with the brisk exercises including several tactical and physical challenges. They are organized in particular schedules in every country at National and International level. It is organized as a competition for the participants of the different listed games and sports and also a way to entertain the spectators. The participants who are considered as the sportsperson should have athletic skills and energy to play the game actively. The athletic characteristic within a sports person includes stamina, speed, strength, accuracy, acceleration, etc. These activities are organized in a big arena with clear boundaries or in a stadium.

The benefits of playing games and sports are mentioned as below:

  1. Sports and games improve the health and bring stability in the sportsperson who practices regularly.
  2. It is a multi-beneficial field that nourishes the person with name, fame, fitness, and money.
  3. The field of sports blesses a person with a sound body and a sound mind too.
  4. It produces immense energy for any physical activities in the person.
  5. It also plays a great role in developing the human personality that involves attitude, punctuality, discipline, etc.
  6. It increases the level of concentration and patience within a sports person.
  7. Sports and games field introduces a bright career for the youths who are dedicated to the sports activities.

Thus it can be inferred for the above article that sports and games are a very important part of the society that uplifts the credentialed of a nation and also plays an essential role in the development of human personality. It has been made a compulsory subject in the primary and secondary school and a necessary part of education in several schools in many developed countries. It energizes the boys and girls for different kinds of physical activities and makes them spontaneous in performing every job. All the sports and games play an essential role in the physical and mental development of the children and adults.

By Vishakha

Should knowledge be free? – Short Essay

The question “should knowledge be free” has caused heated debates all over the world. With globalization and technological advancements in the world, knowledge has become a top requirement for everyone regardless of where you come from. While it is true knowledge is invaluable, the unfortunate reality is that not everyone can access it mostly due to the cost of acquiring knowledge.

Reasons why knowledge should be free

  • It is said that you can learn something from everyone you come across in your life. Sharing knowledge helps you to grow by improving the understanding of what you already know and learning new things from others.
  • When one lives in an environment where people share knowledge that motivated the individual to learn more. It pushes you to perfect what you are already good at and welcome new skills.
  • Exposure to top talent access. Sharing knowledge helps you to get access to people who are more skilled than you or with a different set of ideologies. Reaching out to your peers and other people within or outside your setting can get you access to the top-most brains.
  • Recognition. Sharing your knowledge with others causes your talents to be recognized, whether at the workplace, in school or just an informal setting.
  • To generate new ideas. It has been proven that two heads think better than one. Sharing knowledge with others helps you to brainstorm and come up with even better ideas. Problems are also solved quickly and efficiently when knowledge is shared.
  • Operational efficiency. In a team where sharing of knowledge is embraced, there is high productivity. Work is done faster and smarter as there is a free-flow of ideas.
  • To create a sense of purpose. In an environment where people share knowledge, there is a sense of purpose. You feel that your ideas are valued, and this makes a huge difference.


The results of sharing knowledge are very beneficial not only to an individual but the society as a whole. It is therefore important to make knowledge free so that as many people as possible can be exposed to a learning culture. The discussion answers the question “should knowledge be free.”

By Winnie

My Favorite Season (summer) – Short Essay

My Favorite Season (summer)

In India, we get to see lots of seasons, and we should feel very lucky about it because lots of other countries are not this fortunate. People here love winter very much because they love to flaunt their new jackets and suits in that season. However, personally, my favorite season is summer, and I have a lot of reasons for my choice:

  • I can say that I have a good physique and like all other people with a good physique, I too love to flaunt my biceps and other body parts so that my near and dear ones get inspired to live a healthy life, and my haters get jealous of it.
  • I feel very clumsy when I wear jackets and suits because I am a kind of person who wants to wear comfortable clothes and there are very fewer chances of remaining comfortable even after wearing jackets or suits. So, in summers, I get to wear t-shirts and shirts which are quite comfortable, so another reason for loving summer is my comfort as well.
  • In winters we don’t get to see a lot of sunlight and hence during the summer season, I try the best to tan my body and skin.
  • During the summer, vendors start selling various kinds of smoothies on the market. Though some of them are not very healthy but having unhealthy items once in a while is acceptable, and I love summer for offering me these delicious smoothies.
  • I love to work out during summer because it makes me sweatier and I feel more motivated by seeing the sweat of mine in the gymnasium.

These were a few reasons of mine for loving summer season the most. I am sure that there are very few summer lovers but my reasons for loving summer are unique, and I can proudly say there are very fewer species like mine in the world.

By Vishakha

Essay on Importance of School in Our Life

School is important because it teaches on our surrounding world and the relevant information that we need to be successful in life. School equips us with social skills, work ethics and self-improvement. The knowledge and discipline can be acquired through our friends, relatives, various sporting activities and even religious places. These are expected to shape one’s life in all dimension of life, ranging from good habits to being responsible members of the society. Throughout our lives we are constantly learning new ideologies and discovering new things.

Importance of School in Our Life

To me school is important for shaping talents, creativity, good morals and having essential life skills. Continue reading to discover why school is important.

For happy and stable life

Schooling will guarantee you with all the happiness that you need in life. You certainly need to get educated in order to secure a lucrative job and a good social status in the society .Athletes tirelessly practices in the designated institutions and thereafter wins various medals in their competitions. All these works hand in hand to your happiness.


School will give you the power of money. It places one to a certain status which makes him or her have a high chances of securing highly paying job. Most of such jobs are usually pensionable thus you will reap its fruits even after you retire. Nowadays, money is important to live in the modern world but first seek education.


If you want to see the world as a place where justice and fairness is a necessity go for education. It eliminates tribal thoughts and marginalized status bases on gender and races. Schooling provides equal opportunity for the rich and the poor to live a better life.

It makes you self-dependent

To be a self-dependent all you need is to have the right information and skills. It makes you self-dependent straight from making your own decisions and living a free financial life.

It actualizes your dream

When we were young every dream was valid. Someday you must have dreamt to land in that dream job, have luxurious possessions and even be famous. All these, will be a reality if you pursue education at all costs.

It makes the world a safer place to live

Education enlightens you to understand and embrace differences of all kinds. An educated person understand that for one to understand others you ought to understand yourself. You will get to know your rights and utilize your freedom in a way that it doesn’t agitate your neighbor. By doing this you are promoting peace and social harmony

It makes you confident

Generally, an educated person is usually being listened to. This makes him more confident in expressing his ideas .You will be bolder because you know you views will be taken seriously and thereafter be implemented.

It makes you be a useful member of the society

Society has a belief that education brings about general transformation. A society which have more educated people experiences diverse developments in social, political and economic aspects. This collectively results in a better living standards.

Economic growth

Promotion of economic status is among the goals of education. Education brings overall change in infrastructure, industrialization, trade and medical field. This not only affects your life but it contributes to economic growth of the nation.

Saves you from being fooled

We live in a world where conning has taken a better part of the population. People have made tremendous loses on this but education will make you be alert and judge every point of reason which enables you to make an informed decisions.


Schooling enables you to live at peace with everybody. It improves on your social skills which is essential to live well with people and you get to make new friends.


An educated person understands the need to work as a team. Teamwork helps one to share ideas and to supplement each other weaknesses by capitalizing on the strengths.


Education prepares you for the future. It gives you a sense of being prepared for the responsibilities ahead.

It makes you stay informed

The world is evolving fast and information is vital for daily living due to changing trends. Therefore, with education you will always stay relevant despite the changing times.


The school is a source of inspiration. It gives one the energy to work tirelessly towards his vision. It guarantees success because generally the skills and expertise attained will eventually make you successful


Embrace education and you will enjoy many more benefits that it comes with it. You will never lament why you chose education that is why ignorance is not only expensive but you be a slave all the days of your life.

By IsaacV