Harmful Effects of Bursting Crackers on Diwali – Short Essay

Bursting cracker in Diwali can have severely harmful effects. Diwali is a festival of lights but most children look forward to the fire crackers that are burst during this festive period. And the last few decades have seen a drastic increase in this with a large variety of crackers that are being made available in the market.

Harmful effects of bursting crackers

The harmful effects of bursting crackers on Diwali include:

  1. Children are not totally in control when they burst crackers and are prone to accidents if left unattended.
  2. There have been many instances of the crackers going off when still in hand causing mild to severe burns on the person holding them.
  3. The rockets can be unpredictable. If not perfectly placed while lighting, they can shoot in any direction and severely injuring the person or animal coming in their path.
  4. The light from the crackers can sometimes be blinding and this could be a temporary or a permanent ailment.
  5. Everyone wears new clothes for Diwali and most of the times they are quite elaborate and not quite a safe material for fire. They catch fire very soon with the crackers.
  6. A person holding fire crackers in hand is likely to suddenly have them all burst due to the proximity to other crackers or a source of fire.
  7. The crackers have an alarming effect on dogs, some dogs run crouch beneath the beds while others run wherever they can and often get lost.
  8. The sounds of the crackers can be very damaging for critical patients who are recommended rest.
  9. Some of the firecrackers with very loud noises can cause deafness.
  10. Many students have critical examinations around Diwali. The sounds of the fire crackers can cause major disturbance to them affecting their performance.
  11. During the Diwali days, the air is full of smoke and affects the lungs adversely.
  12. The smoke from the firecrackers can be bad for the eyes and can cause watering.
  13. The sound from the fire cracker can cause babies to be afraid and restless for the entire duration on Diwali.
  14. The fire crackers leave ash on all the surfaces.
  15. The roads and all open areas are littered with the remains of the fire crackers after they are burst.


Diwali is looked forward to very much for all the fun and social meetings but the fire crackers are the part which can be avoided because of the bad effects it has.

By Janhavi