Paragraph on Benefits of Early Morning Exercise

Exercise of every kind is beneficial to the human body and mind. Early morning exercise means starting your day with exercise. Many people follow various different forms of early morning exercise. These can be Yoga exercises, Morning walks, Jogging, Stretching, etc.

There are various different benefits of early morning exercise.


In the early morning the body is properly rested after a night’s sleep. This is the right time to utilize the fresh energy for exercise of your choice. This sets a good bodily tone for the rest of the day.


The mind is also fresh after a good night’s sleep. At this time the mental motivation is high. This can be used for healthy exercise. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that all the mental faculties get stimulated and energized by physical exercise.


Negative emotions can be a big drain on your energy. Early morning exercise is a means for a transformational change of emotions. Negative emotions are utilized and channelized during physical exercise and converted to positive energies.


Mediation is also a form of exercise. If done in the early morning, it is said to have tremendous spiritual value. It leads to spiritual well-being, development and growth. This gives you the inner strength to tackle all the challenges in the rest of the day.


Early morning exercise can also be valuable for your social health. Many people have exercise clubs or they choose to do exercises with their friends or family.

By Janhavi