Paragraph on ‘Best friends’ birthdays are special’

Birthdays are days to look forward to because they are special days where everybody makes you feel special and you look forward to a lot of presents and good food to eat. Best friends’ birthdays are even more special.

  • A best friend’s birthday can be a very special time to strengthen your bonds of friendship.
  • For your best friend, you want to buy or make a very special present, the best you can think of. This can start many days in advance.
  • You also want to make a special card to go along with the present, which reinforces the fact that you are her best friend.
  • Sometimes you might want to arrange a surprise party for her and to invite more friends.
  • Sometimes you can plan something special for your best friend’s birthday like a picnic or taking her to a film.
  • The good part about celebrating your best friend’s birthday is that you know exactly what she likes and dislikes.
  • If you’re good at baking, you may want to bake your own cake for your best friend’s birthday and decorate it in exactly the way she will like it.

A best friend is a special person in your life, and it is a good feeling to make her birthday a special day.

By Janhavi