Paragraph on Fashion

Fashion is just another word for mode or manner. However given the ‘style’ or ‘manner’ of dressing or appearance, the word has taken shape into an entire industry.

  • People like to look good and appear their best in front of others, especially on certain special occasions. When someone finds an impressive way to dress, it becomes a ‘fashion’.
  • More and more people try to copy those same styles and it becomes a fashion.
  • The fashion Industry originates from France in Paris, which is still the Capital of the fashion world.
  • Trends are set in Paris which is copied all over the world. New York, London, Milan and Amsterdam are some other major fashion centres.
  • Fashion includes dressing, shoes, hair and other accessories like bags and watches.
  • This is such a thriving industry, with styles changing very fast and often drastically different from the existing ones, that it attracts a lot of designers to create new styles.
  • In the modern times, everyone has access to the latest trends and the local garment industry copies fashion so speedily that everyone can keep up-to-date with the styles followed across the world.

Fashion is a factor to enhance the external appearance of everyone-men, women and children.

By Janhavi