Paragraph on Fire

Fire is an element of nature that has helped us survive and progress.

  • Fire has the capacity to generate warmth and keep one comfortable. On the other hand it can also burn down large buildings. Caution is a must where there is fire.
  • Fire is caused by rapid heating of certain materials which lead to combustion. Fire is heat and light.
  • It was discovered by the Early man and used to keep warm or for protection from predators. They also discovered the use of fire for cooking. Fire could be generated by vigorously rubbing two stones together and other such primitive manner.
  • Till today man uses fire for cooking. In the meantime many more uses to fire have been found. Steam engines ran on fire. Even now the biggest source of Electricity generation is fire.
  • People in cold places use fireplaces to keep themselves warm.
  • Fire is a hazard in public places, residential buildings, etc. and also in nature especially forests where a fire can destroy so much life in a very short time.
  • In many cultures across the world, fire is considered to be a purifying element. It is also the primary deity in some temples.

Out of the five natural elements, fire is perhaps the most dangerous.

By Janhavi