Paragraph on Flood

Flood is an overflowing of a water body, where it can cause destruction.

  • Very heavy rains often cause the rivers and waterbodies to fill up fast and overflow their banks. This causes flooding of the neighbouring areas.
  • Due to global warming the icebergs and glaciers are melting fast and are often known to cause floods where this water flows.
  • Flooding can sometimes happen very fast without giving much time for evacuation. This leads to a lot of destruction of property and life.
  • In many cities across the world the drainage system is not upgraded to meet the demands of a burgeoning population. The haphazard constructions cause a major burden on the drainage and an unforeseen torrent can flood the cities.
  • Where rivers have dams, sometimes the water level in the reservoirs starts rising, there may not be enough time to let the low lying villages be alerted before the sluices have to be opened. Such an action can cause flooding of devastating proportions.
  • Storms and hurricanes can cause the coastal water bodies to swell up and bring floods along. Sometimes it is possible to warn and evacuate. Other times, sudden tragedies like the Tsunami can cause large scale destruction.
  • People living along the banks of rivers and along the coastal areas are usually watchful and leave the area for rear of flooding.

Floods, like other natural calamities are dreaded and the cities at least must have a more efficient flood management system.

By Janhavi