Paragraph on Gardener

A gardener is a person whose profession is the planting and maintenance of plants and trees in a garden. His main daily tasks are:


Sowing the right seeds at the right time is primary for a good garden. The gardener has a good understanding of the seasonal and climatic requirements of the plants for that particular geographical location. He is responsible for choosing optimum sunlight, water and soil conditions.


He regularly trims overgrown plants and mows the grass to keep the garden looking clean and pleasant.

The gardener has to get weeds out of the garden since they can hamper the growth of the plants.

There are chores like replanting the saplings in a bed, turning the soil, adding manure etc. that the gardener has to keep up for the healthy growth of the plants.

Identifying diseases and insects and treating

Sometimes, insects and diseases may affect the growth of the plants. A gardener is good at identifying the diseases or the pests and knows how to get rid of them.

In the end he is rewarded with a beautiful garden, most of the times with beautiful flowers and sometimes delicious fruits and vegetable.

By Janhavi