Paragraph on Good Health

Last updated on May 19, 2020.

Good Health – Paragraph 1

People are increasingly aware of the importance of good health. They are investing their time, effort and money into improving and maintaining their health. A wholesome health involves a good balance between the body, the mind and the spirit.


Keeping your body parts and surroundings of water, air, food, home, etc. clean is primary for good health.

Physical health

A body free of disease and incapability is a healthy body. A customized and comfortable solution of a balanced diet and an appropriate exercise routine is vital.

Mental health

Mental health is often more difficult to maintain. If a person is unable to keep a productive social life or if life is getting difficult for people around this person, it might be a sign of the person keeping poor mental health. One needs to consult a psychiatrist.

Emotional health

Having a supportive friend and family circle contributes to good social and emotional health. A person who is excessively sad, scared or angry needs to consult some therapist; to express and process the negative emotions.

Spiritual Health

These days many people engage in some form of daily prayer or meditation for good Spiritual health.

Preventive health

Keeping away from unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking, over-eating; and regular medical check-ups is vital for Preventive health.


In childhood and sometimes in grown-ups too, vaccinations are available for the control of certain diseases.

By Janhavi

Good Health – Paragraph 2

Good health is no less than a blessing in disguise. With it comes, tons of merits. Prioritizing your health is not bad, and thus, one should not compromise with his/her health at any cost. To cope with our hectic schedules, we often take our health for granted. Maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle is actually not tough. All you need to do is eat healthy, exercise daily, and sleep properly.

Spending loads and loads of money on chemical products to look younger and healthier has become the new trend. Perhaps, it seems easier to go to the supermarket and purchase expensive products instead of hitting the gym.

Good health is the real treasure; losing it means losing everything. Without good health, one cannot work efficiently. It is never good to be all over the place. An unhealthy person feels dull. He lacks spontaneity which is an essential element for being successful at your work.

By Venu