Paragraph on “Grow More Trees”

We need to grow more trees all over the globe, if we want to save our Plant Earth. The variety of trees and wildlife in a place is the best sign of a healthy natural environment.

As the global population is growing and more land is being claimed to accommodate the people, forests are being cleared to make way for cities. Also as development of a region is takes place, land is being taken over to build schools, factories, markets, etc.

Entire stretches of land cleared of trees is a huge loss. The animals and birds are naturally threatened for life or displaced. The environment suffers in terms of the collective impact on the climate, on the quality of soil, size of animal population; and of course eventually on the quality of human life too.

The green cover being taken away from the land is having an adverse effect on the planet ecosystem. The toxic pollutants, which were filtered by the trees are now left in the atmosphere. This of course adversely affects the quality of air all over the plant and also in our individual daily lives.

A much bigger effect is the depletion of the ozone layer, which is causing global warming, a potential global environmental catastrophe, as some would argue.

To prevent all this, it is time for a rapid U-turn from deforestation towards growing more trees everywhere, all over the world.

Just simply grow more trees; many, many, many more trees everywhere possible!

By Janhavi