Paragraph on Ice-cream

Ice-cream is one of the most popular desserts. It is a frozen dessert made out of milk and cream generally and come in many flavours. Though children love ice creams the most, these days ice creams are made for all age-groups. There are ice creams even for diabetics and heart patients.

Made with milk and cream it has a lot of calories also because of the sugar content. Ice creams, like most other desserts are advised to be consumed in moderation. However, even ice lollies and sorbets are considered ice creams even if they have no milk.

Before the fridges were in existence, the ice creams were made in a bucket full of ice and salt in which the container having all the ingredients of ice cream was held and the mixture in it continually stirred till it was completely frozen.

Later as the refrigerator arrived, it became very easy to just mix up the ingredients and put them in the freezer section till it became ice cream.

Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry still remain the most popular flavours in spite of numerous flavours like guava, peach, coconut, mango and many others being introduced regularly.

Whether it is the big brands of ice cream like Baskin and Robbins, Haagen Daaz and Movenpick or a local artisanal ice cream it remains one of the top most desserts and an any-time treat especially in summer.

By Janhavi