Paragraph on Library and Its Importance


Library is a place with a large collection of books, journals, magazines newspapers and now even other sources of information such as CDs, DVDs etc. either for reference or for entertainment.

Library can be either privately owned or one open for public. A public library can be free or may charge a fee.

Importance of Libraries

An important resource

A library is an important resource since it provides a channel for vast amounts of knowledge or information. There are usually all kinds of books available in a library, even online books.

Dedicated Space

Most libraries have a dedicated and noise free space to sit and read.


One can join a library either for a small fee or for free as in case of a school or college. In that fee you have access to almost all the collection of books or other resources.


A library gives one the space to explore what kind of books one likes. This is important especially for children as they are developing their tastes in reading.

Shared Resources

All the resources in the library are shared and it can be fun to exchange your views with friends on the books read.


This is a chance for children to learn how to be careful with books and DVDs that don’t belong to you. Children learn to be responsible for the borrowed items.


Many libraries hold events such as book reading, story time for children, regularly. There could be even talks by authors or book publication events.


Libraries have continued to thrive even in this era of technology and have themselves integrated technology to provide better services and make more resources available.

By Janhavi