Paragraph on Modern Transportation System

Transportation in the modern times has become so easy and comfortable. Also, most of the times it is reliable so the waiting and travelling times have gone down.

Air travel

With the number of airlines, in either premium or economy class, there is a wide range to suit different budgets. Air travel is becoming popular, convenient and safe; especially for long distances.


The modern trains are a comfortable mode of travel, often being cheaper than air travel. The points of connection seem to be very easily accessible. The railway network covers a large part of the land transport in most countries.


Bus transport is relatively cheaper and more flexible. It affords the passengers more control over travel times as compared to air and train travel. Again, buses do reach remote areas, almost everywhere there is a road, even just a beaten path.


Metros and trams are mostly limited to big towns and cities. However, they make almost every part of the town reachable.

With the modern transportation system, it is easy and flexible to move from one point to another, even if it means having to change your mode of transport. Airports for example have a bus, train or metro terminal connected to them. Sometimes they are all managed by the same transport company and provide combined tickets.

By Janhavi