Paragraph on Morning Walk

Morning walk is seen as a form of exercise even though it isn’t necessarily so.

  • People usually go out for morning walks as walking is considered a very good exercise at it involves the entire body.
  • Morning is a convenient time for walks, before the routine of the day, the daily chores and work take over.
  • Morning walk has the capacity to refresh the mind and body to be able to get the best out of the day in terms of productivity.
  • For people who have retired from work, a walk in the morning is preferable also because there is very little traffic in the early hours.
  • The air is fresh and much purer in the morning before the traffic can begin to pollute it. The fresh air invigorates the lungs and consequently the body.
  • Another reason for walking in the morning is the coolness of the morning. As the sun starts heading up, the warmth can make it intolerable to walk.
  • For some people the only exercise that is possible is a walk. Anything more stressful might be medically advised against. Then the morning walk, it being popular is seen as a valid exercise.

Morning walks are healthy and enjoyable in more than one way as can be vouched for by multitudes seen on the roads early every morning.

By Janhavi