Paragraph on New Year Resolutions

Many people see the change of year as a good time to make resolutions mostly for a positive change they want to make in their lives. As the New Year sets in the newness is connected with change in habit or routine or whatever the resolution is about, hence the name New Year Resolution.

Most common New Year resolutions are about starting some exercises or diet or cutting down alcohol. Some cut down on smoking others take up some sport. The resolve is easier to take than to maintain. As the New Year begins, people enthusiastically plunge into this resolution even it is very difficult. After the first couple of days the monotony sets in. After that begins the difficult part of maintenance.

Any habit takes around 21 days to form. If one is determined enough to maintain the activity or the motivation for around 21 days, it becomes a part of the routine and the purpose of the New Year resolution is served. However, most of them give up by the end of the week and before the end of January the whole New Year resolution business is forgotten and not thought about till December.

Nevertheless, the intent behind a New Year resolution is quite noble and as far as possible one must try to inculcate good habits in the New Year by making a resolution.

By Janhavi