Paragraph on Our Country (India)

Our Country, India (also called Bharat, or Hindustan), is one of the most ancient countries of human civilization. The beginnings of India as a country can be found in the early Indus valley civilization; which existed the same time as the early Egyptian civilization, and some Middle Eastern civilizations. Since the ancient times it is said that India has been a land of Agriculture and also a land of various trades, commerce and lot of progress in all fields of life. In ancient times India was a very wealthy and prosperous civilization, that exported lot of goods to foreign lands. Over the centuries, many foreign people, who came from relatively less fortunate regions, controlled India. So India has seen an influx of a lot of external civilizations. It has assimilated all these influences and has grown into a richer country and civilization today.

Today’s India is a land of growth and opportunity. Our country is a fast growing nation and one of the leading economies of the world today. Since independence, our country has rapidly adapted its pace with the rest of the developing world, and has grown in all sectors of life including industry, trade, global growth, education, medicine, health, etc. Recently India is considered a powerhouse for Information technology work. Many leaders of the technology world have their roots in India.

India is country of tolerance and peace; it is also a country of growth and opportunity.

By Janhavi