Paragraph on Our School

I go to ABC school. Our school is one of the premier educational institutes in the town.

  • It has a long history of producing successful and responsible citizens in all walks of life including leaders, sportsmen, industrialists, and celebrities.
  • Our school started as one building to accommodate the local children and has now grown to a large complex, housing multiple academic buildings, library, and a Gym useable as a hall.
  • For sports and entertainment we have three spacious grounds, One is for athletics, one for other sports and the smallest has a playground with the set–up for the smaller students to play and frolic.
  • Apart from the infrastructure, our school boasts of the best minds in the area as the teaching faculty. The teachers, handpicked after many rounds of screening process, are not just experts in their subjects but are very good human beings too.
  • As a school we are a part of a system that takes the responsibility of our all-round growth, along with academics also in terms of extracurricular and personality development.
  • We are given lessons not so much from books but by activities that give us the experiential insight into the concepts and fundamentals. Syllabus is an indicator, but the speed is customised for every child to be able to strengthen the core fundamentals.
  • Competitions are held to give us the motivation but the values of team work and collaboration are stressed.

In my opinion, our school sets a very high bar and is a model for all schools.

By Janhavi