Paragraph on Peace

Peace is a very important quality for a happy and satisfied life. Peace means the presence of life-positive emotions of love and satisfaction; and the absence of life-negative emotions of struggle, anger, fear, etc.

Peace can be of various types:

In relationships and friendships

The absence of fights, arguments, anger, hatred, jealousy, etc. brings peace in relationships and friendships. If both the people in a relationship, of if both the friends, are in harmony with each other, then peace is a natural outcome of any relationship. If you need peace in your relationships, you need to be focused on creating and maintaining peace. You should avoid negative emotions, thoughts and actions.

In society, and in the world

In the world around us, in the last century we have seen two big World Wars. Wars are the opposite of peace and destroy the very roots of peaceful existence. Wars have been a part of human history, for centuries. They emerge from negative feelings of revenge, jealousy, power abuse, greed, etc. For a peaceful society and for a peaceful world, we as human beings, need to control our negative urges and we need to avoid fights and wars.

In our mind

The most important dimension is inner peace or peace of mind. Whatever be the external circumstances it is your control to maintain and grow your peace of mind.

A peaceful life is a life of love and happiness.

By Janhavi