Paragraph on Pet Animal

Pet animal is an animal that is tamed, domesticated and accepted as a part of human life by the pet owner and the society. Pet animals were originally differentiated from wild animals, as in the wild animals were not suitable for integration into human daily lives. The wild animals were dangerous to human life at times. Whereas, when some of these animals were tamed, their behaviours were controlled by human beings, so that their aggression went down, they became conducive for acceptance in human life as pets. For e.g. the taming of animals originally happened in early years of human civilization to use animals for help in human work. Wild horses, Cows, Buffaloes, etc. were tamed and taken as pets by human beings to make life easier for them. As time progressed, this became a mutually beneficial relationship as some species of animals adapted and started growing in collaboration with human beings.

In today’s world, pets are mostly animals that are used for entertainment value and companionship by human beings. Dogs, parrots, turtles, fish, are some of the commonest pet animals in today’s world. But some people also have tamed wild animals as pets like zebras, horses, monkeys, bears, etc. These require more training and facility to take care of them adequately.

Pet animals of various kinds have become an integral part of human life in today’s world.

By Janhavi