Paragraph on Photography

Photography is the art of taking pictures with a device called a camera. These pictures can be either stored as a soft copy or they can be printed on photographic papers, into copies called photographs. Till a few decades ago, photography was an entirely different process of work. This was the way photography was invented. The cameras were all non-digital cameras, that used to have photographic film, and through the camera lens, lighted images used to get exposed on the film. When this exposed film was developed using special photographic chemicals, they used to lead to photography negatives, which when developed on photographic printer used to produce photographs. This process used to take a few days generally.

The modern world of Photography is through Digital cameras. These digital cameras directly capture the image through the camera lenses as softcopies or digital copies in the camera. The software of the camera is like a computer, that can store all these images or you can transfer them onto your laptop or computer. The modern mobile phones also have an excellent digital camera, with which you can practice your photography skills at ease.

Photography has become an omnipresent art and activity today. It has moved from being a specialized art in the hands of a skilled photographer, to being a daily use activity in the hands of each and every common man.

By Janhavi