Paragraph on the Role of a Teacher

The role of a teacher is not only to teach but also to act as a good mentor and role-model for the students. A good teacher is first of all a good human being. The student learns the most from the behaviour of his teachers.


The primary responsibility of a teacher is of course to teach his subjects properly. So an ideal teacher has the required level of expertise in his subject. It is also important to have all-round information about related fields. An ideal teacher gives practically relevant training.


An ideal teacher encourages his students to participate in sports and exercise activities. This helps in the wholesome and harmonious development of students’ personalities.

Personal challenges

Student life is full of personal challenges. Students are also learning to face the challenges of the adult world. A good teacher is also a friend and a mentor who can guide and assist students through their personal challenges if necessary. The teacher should at least be able to show the right places and resources where the students can seek help in times of difficulty.


The most important function of an ideal teacher is that of a good role-model for his students. Students learn about behaviour in society and in adult-life from their teachers. This is not necessarily information that is directly taught by the teacher. Nonetheless, the students absorb this information from the ideal teacher merely by observation.

By Janhavi