Short Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Science

The study of life and world using logical understanding is called Science. The scientific thought is the basis of the entire technology revolution in the world today.


  1. Scientific way of thinking has introduced a new way of looking at the world, based on logic and thought.
  2. Science offers a common intellectual platform for scientists across the world to share their research and understanding of the world that we live in.
  3. The scientific thought process has resulted in many new inventions and discoveries in modern human life.
  4. These scientific inventions and discoveries have made human life a lot easier than the life in pre-scientific eras of human history.
  5. The scientific understanding of the laws of nature: gravity, solar system, earth, light, diseases, etc., has helped humans get over some dangerous orthodox beliefs and social evils.
  6. Scientific inventions like the car, train, airplane, etc., have made personal and global travel very easy.
  7. The industrial revolution triggered by scientific thought, has led to mass production of goods of convenience like clothes, books, household goods, houses, etc. Human life has become a lot easier.
  8. Development of medical science has led to the discovery and invention of medicines and treatment for life-threating and serious illnesses. This has improved the health and longevity of human race at large.
  9. Core scientific inventions like electricity, telephone, fuel, etc., have resulted in all the modern luxuries of our modern day homes and offices.
  10. The advancements of technology through science, has led to the development of computers, mobile phones and internet.


  1. Introduction of science, led to a temporary disbelief and neglect of the world of intuition, emotion and spirituality.
  2. This led to human beings becoming excessively materialistic and greedy.
  3. The environmental damage due to the disproportionate consumption of natural resources by humans is a side-effect of the scientific revolution.
  4. The role of religion and god in human life has been adversely affected with too much reliance on scientific thought process as a way of life.
  5. Lop-sided focus on the logic and scientific thought has led to the human mind being disconnected from its emotional part, leading to a lot of psychological stress-related issues.
  6. Access to scientific inventions and comforts requires money. In a way, scientific progress has led to the further widening the divide between the rich and the poor.
  7. It can be argued that with the modern day scientific life, human beings have moved away from the world of nature.


The scientific thought is the basis of the modern, technology-driven world of today. A lop-sided attitude towards scientific thought and rationality can disconnect humans from their emotional, intuitive and spiritual sides.

By Janhavi