Short Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

Technology is the use of science to make human life easier. Computers, internet, telecommunications and information technology have revolutionized all areas of our life today.



  1. Water supply and purification technology has advanced over the years. With technology, potable water is being made more easily accessible to people across the globe.
  2. Agricultural technology has increased quality and productivity of food. Today there is much more nutrient-rich, affordable food available for the global population.
  3. Electricity is now available in almost all countries, thus increasing the reach of electrical appliances of daily use to all corners of the world. Television, Refrigerator, Microwave, washing machines, air-conditioners, ovens, electronic equipment have been commonly available in all households.


  1. Medical technology has advanced on all fronts: education, diagnosis, medicines, surgery, etc. Doctors today can diagnose, treat or cure most of the deadly diseases due to advancement of medical technology.


  1. This is the most significant technological achievement. From the discovery of the telephone to mobile phone technology, the field of telecommunication technology has transformed over the decades.
  2. With continual development of computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones; global information is at your fingertips, in the comfort of your home or office.


  1. Personal and global travel has evolved with the transportation technology of various kinds over the past decades. Air travel, is one of the fastest means of transport, in addition to road, rail and water transport.


  1. Movies and entertainment have evolved through Television and film Technology.
  2. Education in schools and colleges is transformed with the use of internet. EBooks, online libraries and online educational resources are available at our fingertips.


  1. Recycling and paperless technology is helping the environment.



  1. Use of technology for arms and ammunition is one of its worst disadvantages.


  1. Over exposure to X-ray or radiotherapy may affect health adversely.


  1. Excessive use of mobile technology and mobile towers has a risk of overexposure to dangerous radiations.

Children and technology

  1. Children are becoming addicted to screens, either on mobiles phones, laptops or television. They are losing out on physical activities and playtime.
  2. Online criminals find a vulnerable prey in children for child related crimes. It is vital to develop precautionary measure to protect children from these.

Over-dependence on technology

  1. Many people are finding themselves handicapped without the technology to assist them. E.g. if the car breaks down, people are not used to walking long distances.

Human touch

  1. Over-availability of technology is weakening the relationship values and emotional intimacy even as communication and transportation becomes easier.


From electric appliances to modern telecommunications, technology is omni-present in all areas of our daily life. Overdependence on technology can disconnect you from your core life skills.

By Janhavi