Short Essay on Amusement Parks

Amusement parks have a lot of different types of rides, some scary, some fun. It always entails some sense of adventure. Ferris wheel rides and roller coaster rides are two popular types of rides in a typical amusement park. Children start losing their fear sometimes.

Such places are slightly out of the town or city because they occupy a larger space than is available in a city. This travelling makes an exciting wait and anticipation of the fun.

Amusement parks are also a source of employment for people from variety of backgrounds. A visit to an amusement park is an event of tremendous excitement for everyone, more so for children.

Small time actors have a bigger demand for acting out the roles of some favourite characters walking about in the park, amusing children.

There are small eating stalls and joints scattered over the park or concentrated in a food area. They provide small snack or full meals. Since these places have a higher mark-up, and the food is costlier and since the walk might be a lot, people get hungry and the owners earn well.

The souvenir shops within the amusement parks usually do sell well because the visitors are mostly children and the souvenir shops keep a good stock of objects that children find attractive, on display and earn better than they would, outside.

Children find the rides, which feature their favourite characters, very exciting and this becomes further advertisement for the programs and the associated articles, e.g. in Disneyland, one would buy more Disney products and want to watch even more after having seen a park in reality.

The amusement parks are an addition to the place in tourist attractions. The biggest example is the Disneyland in Paris which is a major tourist attraction for people and children visiting Paris.

A visit to an amusement park can remain a memorable event for a long time, sometimes even a life-time.

By Janhavi