Short Essay on Bijli Bachao

Bijli bachao

Bijli bachao is a popular mantra of today in India. It is a motto in Hindi which means ‘Save Electricity’. Like the rest of the world, it is an attempt to save electricity as a part of conserving resources.

Why save electricity?

Electricity is currently generated mostly by thermal plants which use coal as the main ingredient to generate the thermal power. Coal is a kind of fossil fuel which is made organically in millions of years. Currently we are close to exhausting the reserves of fossil fuels, with no possibility of replacing them. The needs are expanding with very little supply to meet them, hence the need to conserve electricity.

How to save electricity?

  1. One very effective way is to reduce the wastage of electricity. Every time one leaves the room, the lights and fans and other electronic equipment can be switched off.
  2. Switching to low consumption alternatives for lighting like the LED bulbs etc. can cut down the consumption considerably.
  3. Old electric equipment must be replaced to the new power saving appliances.
  4. Other alternatives to power generation can be considered such as wind power or solar power. Solar panels set on top of the roofs of buildings can effectively supply power for heating and lighting.
  5. Public places also can use solar panels to run the electric equipment.
  6. Solar cooking is also a good option for slow cooking food items that don’t need continuous monitoring.
  7. Commercial establishments can use Neon lights to save energy and also for their attractiveness.
  8. In India many of the electric connections are illegal and so exert an unreasonable load on the supply line. If the actual requirement is known the generation of electricity can be made to match the requirement.
  9. If all the connections are paid for there will be a tendency to cut down consumption to reduce the bill.
  10. A surcharge on the consumption of electricity beyond a cut off can dissuade people from unnecessary wastage.


Bijli Bachao is a relevant motto of our times in line with the global efforts of saving electricity. We must all support and promote it.

By Janhavi