Short Essay on Book Fairs

A book fair is an event with a large collection of books on sale. It could be on a ground or in a large rented hall. It has a limited duration, like other fairs. A visit to the book fair is a gratifying experience for a book lover or a learner.

  • Typically a book fair has a larger collection of books on an easier display than a bookstore so the selection is much more attractive for a reader. The most common way of display is on tables where the covers can be easily seen as you walk along the long rows of tables.
  • Book fairs are generally organised by booksellers to attract larger crowds of book lovers visiting different stalls.
  • Often book fairs have books on discount and the deals that a reader gets are better making a visit to this fair worthwhile.
  • Book fairs have a larger selection of publications since many sellers participate in the fair.
  • Book fairs usually are designed to cater to the local audience. The numbers of titles are customised to the local population in terms of language, genre etc. E.g. a book fair in a school is likely to have only children’s books or children’s learning resources such as encyclopaedias or other reference books.
  • It is often easier to find the local language books in a book fair rather than a shop since the sellers prefer to keep a larger stock of the regional language books.
  • Children see the visit to the book fair as an outing and are encouraged to look for something of interest to them.

A visit to a book fair often ends up in a purchase to be collected.

By Janhavi