Short Essay on Child Rights

Child rights are the rights that a child or a person under the age of 18 years is entitled to. The International Children’s day is celebrated to recognise the rights of children around the world.

In a general sense, a child has the right to protection, maintenance and education. However, children, often being vulnerable, are exposed to many dangers in their society. Hence the child rights have been extended to cover a plethora of situations and have been unambiguously established to protect children from a wide range of dangers.

Poverty and child rights

Because of poverty and destitution many children in developing countries are forced into child labour and even prostitution. The child rights when enforced protect a child from labour and trafficking and give them the right to education and to rest and play.

Dysfunctional families and child rights

Similarly in dysfunctional families where parents are found to be neglectful of their children or indulging in drugs and consequently forcing their children in it too the child rights come to the rescue by taking the children off the hands of neglectful parents and placing them in safe environment.

War and child rights

In war stricken zones, the children are the worst affected along with the aged, because they cannot take care of themselves. The basic rights to live and to have a healthy life and education are severely compromised. UN and such International organisations have to take up the responsibility to provide a safe atmosphere to children to be able to live and grow.

Culture and girl child rights

Children across the world are affected by cultural issues. In some traditional societies a girl child faces a very difficult life by being denied education and facing hard work at home to be primed for life. Her rights to safety and education have to be ensured by educating the traditional societies.


Children have to be watched especially for any encroachment over their rights and there are many laws available to prevent this.

By Janhavi