Short Essay on Clean Ganga

Clean Ganga is a movement that aims at cleaning the Ganga River from pollution. It is the biggest and the most Important River in India. It covers a distance of 2525 kms from its origin in Gangotri up to Ganga Sagar in Bay of Bengal. Its importance is not restricted to religion but also to culture and economy of the cities and towns that it passes through.

Pollution in Ganga

In its course, the cities subject the river water to municipal sewage dumps. All the major cities and towns along the river contribute to this. The bigger industrial towns add their effluents to the already polluted water. Animal and human remains are often found floating apart from the crematory discharges.

Clean Ganga Phase 1

In 1985 the first of the organised cleaning efforts was launched by Rajiv Gandhi to cover 25 towns in the course of Ganga in the states of UP, Bihar and West Bengal.

The Ganga Action Plan 1 aimed to improve the quality of the water to be fit for bathing under the National Mission for Clean Ganga.

Ganga Action Plan Phase 2

The phase 2 aimed at improving the water quality to serve as a model to the other rivers. This phase would include rivers that are the tributaries of Ganga such as Yamuna, Gomti and Damodar.

Clean Ganga Project

In 2014 the clean Ganga Project was launched again, known as the Namami Gange program under the National Ganga Council. The aim of this project is to clean Ganga and its tributaries in a comprehensive manner. The Clean Ganga Fund aims to take some concrete steps in the project.

Cleaning up Ganga is the topmost priority. A large part of the fund will go towards achieving this objective.

Setting up waste treatment plants is another step to be taken towards the cleaning. The preventive measure will include setting up of public amenities such as toilets to stop people relieving and defecting in the open.

Ghats will be developed with these funds and a part of the funds will be used to restore the biodiversity in the river and the Gangetic basin.


Clean Ganga Project needs to be made a success to be emulated for other project as a part of Clean Environment and Swaccha Bharat Abhiyan.

By Janhavi