Short Essay on Conservation of Trees

Conservation of trees is a part of the drive towards protecting and restoring the Environment. A tree is a symbol of life. It sustains life in many ways from nutrition to shelter and many other requirements of modern life like furniture, wood etc.

What are the uses of trees?

  1. Trees provide a home to many types of insects, birds and animals. Birds build nests on trees, insects live on the bark or the roots of trees and many small animals have their burrows or lairs in trees.
  2. Trees help prevent the topsoil of the land from being washed away.
  3. Trees provide nutrition as leaves to many animals. The fruits and nuts that the trees give provide vital nutrients.
  4. Many trees are sources of medicinal ingredients. The leaves or bark or other parts of the trees provide extracts of medicinal value.
  5. Trees purify air. They absorb the harmful carbon emissions and give out oxygen which is critical for human and animal life.
  6. Where there are trees the natural life runs harmoniously. Birds sing on trees, animals thrive and the nature seems to be in the best of balance.
  7. Trees provide much needed shade on hot summer days. In fact they even bring a feeling of coolness.

How to conserve trees?

  1. Trees must not be cut down; in fact they must be kept intact wherever possible.
  2. Larger green areas must be declared as reserves that must keep access remain closed for humans.
  3. There is a trend to have more public spaces and parks and more trees planted to increase the greenery. This must be encouraged.
  4. Awareness about planting more trees and educating the masses about conservation of trees should be promoted.
  5. It is important to move towards using less paper and wood. Fewer trees will be cut down if less paper is used. Recycling of paper can be encouraged.
  6. Wherever trees are used for medicinal purposes, afforestation to replace the cut trees must be made mandatory.
  7. Every school must take up a tree plantation drive to teach the importance of trees at an early age.


Trees are one of the most important elements of nature. Earth is probably the only planet to have trees. We must make every effort to conserve them.

By Janhavi