Short Essay on Dog is Man’s Best Friend

‘A dog is man’s best friend’- we’ve heard many times. Any dog owner can verify this claim. Dogs have become the animals that are most adapted to live with humans.

Why a dog is man’s best friend?

  1. Dogs are pack animals and are conditioned to live in a ‘family’ with a set of rules hardwired in them.
  2. Dogs are some of the most loyal and affectionate animals. They form an intense attachment to the master and the family.
  3. They are adapted to sensing emotions. When someone is in pain, the dog seems to understand and become a good companion.
  4. A dog is capable of sniffing out people. In case of landslides, building collapse and earthquakes, dogs have been known to help find survivors.
  5. Dogs are supposed to sense danger. They have been known to give warning signs by whining or howling just before some natural calamity struck. There are countless stories of people having saved their lives by heeding to these warning signs.
  6. A blind person can lead an independent life if he has a guide dog which is trained to carry his blind master through the roads, trains and buses to work or other places and back.
  7. Very often dogs can act as baby sitter to children while the parents are busy close-by with other chores.
  8. Dogs are territorial animals and keep their territory, that is, their homes safe from strangers.
  9. For old people, dogs are the perfect companions because they keep the home safe from strangers, curl up affectionately next to the master and taking them for a small walk is a comfortable exercise for old age.
  10. Younger dogs, like children, are a great source of entertainment with their antics like running away with slippers or vegetable etc.
  11. After a long day at work when you come back home to meet your dog which expresses a lot of joy at seeing you, and runs around for your attention, it is a very rewarding feeling.
  12. When one is stressed about something, a dog can sense it and it heals as a therapist, when it licks away your tears.
  13. When children go to parks or other open spaces with their dogs, it is wonderful to watch them all run and play like real friends.
  14. In small families, dogs are like siblings to the children and help them learn the value of sharing, even if it is the parents’ attention and affection.


Surely there can be no friend which can do better than this for a person. For all these reasons it only seems apt to say that a dog is man’s best friend.

By Janhavi