Short Essay on Early Man

The early man or the prehistoric man began life in what we call the Stone Age. There have been human like creature existing before that but the humans or the Homo sapiens as we know today started around this time in continents of Eurasia and Africa.

These were the achievements of the early man

Food of Early man

Early man used hunting and gathering fruits of food to provide nutrition. The beginning of Stone Age had some form of homo erectus that could make and control fire. There is evidence that these humans could use fire to cook, keep themselves warm and to use fire as a source of light.

By middle Stone Age there is definitive evidence of using fire effectively for cooking and even storing food. At this time man had found out fishing techniques. By the last part of Stone Age, man could also cultivate land for food and agriculture was beginning although in a small form. Deforestation for agriculture would follow.

Implements and tools of Early man

The beginning of Stone Age had stone tools for hunting and protecting from predators. They later evolved to flint tools and bows and spears. The Neolithic or the later Stone Age already had the use of metal tools.

Housing of Early man

Early man was a nomad and lived in caves or such shelters. At some point the early people started making their own shelters. The later stone age had houses that were made out of brick and even stone. They needed stronger and more stable shelters as they had started to settle down.

Clothing of Early man

The only clothing that the early man wore were animal skins. Around the later Stone Age, wool and linen also began to be used for clothing although the bones and stone were used to keep them together.

Societies of Early man

The early Stone Age people were wanderers and by middle stone age there were signs of settlement. They were domesticating animals and by now in the small societies, already seeing hierarchies, there was also the presence of arts and music.


It is interesting to know how the early man survived and gives us an insight into the evolution of man over time.

By Janhavi