Short Essay on ‘Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy’

Eat Healthy, Stay healthy is an important motto to follow in this modern sedentary lifestyle with innumerable unhealthy eating options available to save us time and energy. However the importance to eat healthy foods is being realised increasingly to keep good health.

Eating out and health

Eating out is becoming very popular with plenty of cuisine options available and newer ones being added every day. However one must be discerning to make the right choices. Good restaurants that use fresh ingredients, preferably local ones would be a good choice. Salads and sautéed vegetable are healthy eating out options.

Ingredients of healthy food

Fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and ingredients obtained from reliable sources are the best of all. The recommendation of daily five servings of fruits and vegetables are to ensure enough intake of vitamins.

While consuming food grains, it is recommended to take whole grains like wheat, oats, barley, millets, etc. for the nutrients and more importantly the fibres in the grain. Refined flour must be avoided.

As to fat, there are ever changing theories about cholesterol being bad for health. Most recent research denies the claim. That frees butter, ghee from being avoided. Oils, of course in moderation are good as long as they are unrefined. Olive oil is considered to be the healthiest choice.

Commercial foods and health

The frozen varieties of Pizza, cookies and other such mass produced foods are considered unhealthy for the preservatives or the high quantities of salt in them.

Effects of healthy diet

A healthy diet gives the right nourishment to the body, the right amount of energy to meet the daily needs. The unnecessary carbohydrates are avoided and the right amount of energy, freshness and nutrients keeps the cells of the body happy.

A healthy body resonates positivity in attitude and all of this collectively makes life a happy experience.


So eat healthy and stay healthy is the mantra to be adapted to generate the right energy by eating healthy food for a healthy life.

By Janhavi