Short Essay on Education system

An Education system comprises of all the elements of education. Students, teachers, school, board, teaching methodology, the assessment procedures and even parents form the education system. Each country, region has a different education system evolved over years of practice. However whether it continues to be effective needs to be examined regularly.

Students and Education system

Students are the target for whom the system is formed. Ideally for a country the students would be valuable since they are the future of the country. The country should be able to focus efforts to provide the best quality of education to the students. Yet it also depends on the students and the parents as to the objective of education.

If education is a means to some lucrative career and that remains the objective then the education system will be geared towards mass producing doctors and engineers whether they are successful eventually or not. On the other hand if the objective of education is the all-round development of the person, the career arising out of it, then the quality of education is entirely different.

Teachers and Education system

Teachers who take an interest in carving young minds in a wholesome education system often do produce wholesome persons who take an interest in knowing more rather than learning by rote to get through the level. They take and effort with each individual helping them at their level.

Schools and Education system

Schools that are the real institutions of learning will not be in a hurry to enrol students by hundreds. There will be a serious assessment as to the resources available and the number of students to match them. The curriculum planned is varied and experiential rather than wholly by the book. The teachers will be paid well to perform and they will be happy to stay.

Finally the school focuses on the abilities of the individual child and get each one to bloom to her level rather than cut them all to one height.

Every aspect of education is paid equal attention for the child to explore and grow in her talents.

Boards and Education system

Some board require the students to go through many resources to arrive at an understanding of the subject and some go by the standard text and limited syllabus so the students can easily learn, although how much is internalised and retained is doubtful.

Examinations and Education system

The examinations in a rigid system are narrowly prepared with the limited syllabus in mind, whereas the examinations in a wholesome system are spread out over different activities to suit each child’s preferred form of expression. These kids explore the understanding of the subject more fully.


An education system which provides exposure to children to various aspect of life and giving them knowledge while acknowledging their childhood and the need to extracurricular activities including free-play are known to develop a child wholly and must be encouraged.

By Janhavi