Short Essay on Exhibitions

Exhibitions are places for displaying objects of art or of clothing or other things. Exhibitions are mostly temporary although some can be permanent exhibitions.

  • One comes across the advertisements of the exhibitions in the newspapers or flyers. It could also be through word of mouth.
  • The popular types of exhibitions are Art exhibition, Industrial exhibition, Crafts exhibition etc. displaying the works of art, machinery or some creative talent.
  • School exhibitions are generally about projects that have been done by the students in different subjects like science, geography and crafts, etc. They are an encouragement to children for putting in effort.
  • A visit to the exhibition will entail visiting different stalls or tables that have been put up for exhibiting the articles. An Art or a Photography exhibition is usually held in a covered area or a hall. The pictures are displayed on a wall where they can be seen and appreciated. Exhibitions let one have a better chance at viewing.
  • Most exhibitions are also a means for feedback for the objects. Clothes designed by someone, when put up in an exhibition are noticed and the sale may follow later if not eventually. It’s a means of advertisement. Hence most often there is a comments book for visitors to write in.
  • Exhibitions are also an important meeting place for like-minded people or networking professionally or even socially.
  • Exhibition halls earn their revenue through the rent for events like these. They even have supporting facilities like canteens and large lobbies.
  • Exhibitions can sometimes be like fairs, where a big part of the supportive set up is that of entertainment to attract bigger crowds.

A visit to an exhibition can be a learning experience, and often a relaxing one.

By Janhavi