Short Essay on Fairs

A fair is a temporary set-up mainly for entertainment. One can go to a fair just to watch or to participate and have fun.

  • While visiting a fair, most people would have a high preference for entertainment. Rides and carousels are a common feature in fares. Big Ferris wheels and inflatable trampoline jumps are looked forward to by the children.
  • Eateries are also the commonly found stalls in fairs. Many of these shops sell the popular cuisine. Some sell snacks or the popular item. Ice creams, sweet stalls and artisanal baked goods too are an important a part of the attraction of going to a fair fun,
  • Some of the stalls sell jewellery or clothes or some other useful crafts, sometimes made by the local artists. That makes these fairs a way to promote local culture and talent.
  • The most common types of fairs that one loves to visit are, Christmas fairs and other festive fairs, especially children keeping the festive atmosphere charged.
  • Fairs are usually crowded place so while visiting a fair it is advisable to keep together and to keep your valuables safe. Children should be made to wear some identity tag and must always be accompanied by an adult, teaching the value of safety to children.
  • Other types of fairs that people like to visit include book fairs, animal fairs, career fairs, etc., People visit Animal fairs to buy or look at animals like horses, cattle etc.. Career fairs on the other hand provide information about different careers and some institute get an opportunity to promote themselves. Students who are widening their knowledge of the career prospects get some help by visiting these.
  • Fairs are often held outdoors so more opportunity for breathing in fresh air. However one must keep in mind the weather. Carrying a parasol or sunshade if it’s a hot summer day, or an umbrella for unpredictable rains is advisable.

A visit to the fair is a popular outing since it is usually fun and doesn’t cost to just walk around.

By Janhavi