Short Essay on Good Citizen

Good Citizen

Each of us strives to be a good citizen. A citizen is a resident of a country or a place. It is the citizens that make the place. Naturally good citizens make the place better. As citizens we have our duties towards our country, on following which we can deserve to be called good citizens.

What makes a good Citizen?

Civic duties

Every person has civic duties such as keeping your city and neighbourhood clean. This extends to all the public places and public utilities like roads, transport etc. that a person uses.

Paying Taxes

Every citizen is bound to pay taxes. These taxes are in turn used by the state to provide public goods and utilities for the betterment of the country or town. The infrastructure that is undertaken by the government is also largely financed by the taxes from the citizens. Income up to a certain level is exempt from taxes and beyond that an individual or a business is assumed to have sufficient income to be able to return a small part to the society.

People who regularly pay taxes of all kinds and do not evade taxes or fines when levied are good citizens.

Similarly giving up the claims to subsidies wherever not necessary is also a sign of good citizenship.


Every good citizen is law abiding. The laws pertaining to safety, traffic and other aspects are meant to provide a secure framework for the functioning of the society. Every citizen must respect these laws and give every kind of support to prevent unlawful activities.

Respect religious beliefs

A good citizen respects other people’s religious and cultural beliefs. There is sufficient tolerance for many faiths and cultures to co-exist peacefully and not forcing or disrupting events of a nature contrary to one’s practices.

Vote/participation in elections

A good citizen is responsible in participating in the governance of his country or region. This he does by being present directly as a representative to the people or by voting for the party that best represents his or her political beliefs.


A good citizen will do his best to uphold the nation’s security, if needed he even defends it himself. In times of need many people have been known to rise to the need of the moment, often by putting themselves in danger, all for the safety of others.

Everyone must strive to be a good citizen In the modern world it is even more important to be a good global citizen by rising above petty issues of nationality towards humanity.

By Janhavi