Short essay on Hill Stations

Hill stations are popular tourist destinations especially in summer. The temperature is generally cooler than on lowlands and there is more greenery to be expected. In colonial India, most of the administration would shift to the hill stations to keep the families of the commanding officers comfortable.

  • A visit to a hill station must be planned, and the accommodation booked in advance because last minute accommodations can be very hard to find, given their popularity.
  • It is important to keep some warm clothing along since the temperatures can be lower than one’s comfort level, especially children and elders who are more prone to cold.
  • The water on the hills can be a bit hard, so expect digestion problems.
  • It is advisable to keep all weather comfortable foot wear because hills don’t always have the roads and more so, paths for fancy shoes. And you are sure to get tempted by the idea to walk around in the tranquil greenery and on the slope of the paths. However kids must be watched out for if they are running on roads with slopes and possibly wet roads
  • If you are driving to the hills stations it is safe to expect some bad road and a lot of uphill driving, along narrow mountainous roads. Sometimes this can be scary as the path is not broad enough to accommodate two vehicles comfortably. Be ready for some amazing views from the hill tops.
  • Hills stations are a good tourist destination because you get away from the daily hustle bustle and the heat. You get a chance to be close to nature and relax. Although one can also expect to get not much peace and tranquillity if one goes to a very popular hill station which is crowded with tourists in peak season.
  • While going for walks in the nature, hikes, nature trails take your camera along to click some pretty wild flowers or even Fireflies in the dark. At the same time, be prepared to come across the insects and animals inhabiting that area. Mosquitoes, because of the greenery and leeches because of the moist ground are common as also snakes or scorpions

Visiting Hill stations can be a very soothing and enjoyable experience.

By Janhavi