Short Essay on Importance of Books

Books are one of the most important sources of knowledge and information for man today. All knowledge that has been available since ancient times has been recorded in manuscripts and books and regularly updated. There have been instances where entire libraries have been burnt up in ancient times in places, taking away a vast treasure of knowledge but for most part the bank seems to grow. People partake of this knowledge; add to it their own understanding, experiences and studies, and expand the base for future scholars to take advantage of the existing knowledge.

Importance of Books

Books and manuscripts have been the biggest channels of transfer of knowledge. Apart from knowledge, books have also been a channel for expressing literary arts. The imagination the understanding and use of languages to capture certain screenshots in life or history has been a valuable asset to all the readers across the word and across generations. The best and most loved of these have been passed from one generation to the next.

  1. Books are a good way to gain knowledge in addition to learning them from a teacher. Most teachers supplement their teaching with prescribed books.
  2. E-books hold the same benefits as a printed one and are easier to manage.
  3. It is important to instil the love of reading books in children because it is an essential life skill.
  4. Books can be your gateway to far-off lands, different cuisines and plenty of other aspects of life that are inaccessible for you geographically in the present.
  5. Books are also your way of living a fantasy. Most people are surrounded by problems of daily life. A book has the ability to carry you into a perfect world and feel the happiness of the characters in the book as you would want to feel.
  6. Books are the only source of entertainment available to many people across the world, e.g. prisoners.
  7. Books can also form the best part of your display in a living room, especially coffee table books.

Importance of books is best known to a book lover.   To get your hands on a boom by one of your favourite authors is a treat like no other.

By Janhavi