Short Essay on Importance of Computer in Our Life

For the newer generations life without computers is inconceivable. They cannot imagine how the world survived before computers. Computers have made life so easy that many applications have permanently overtaken the manual processes. Everywhere you go you are faced with computerised alternatives such as banking, hospital records, even shopping and now administrative work like filing tax returns. All this is possible because of computer science.

The Importance of Computers in Our Life

  1. Computers are the way the world works. If you do not learn to operate computers you will be left out.
  2. Every kind of communication has moved to computer based. Email is a basic tool for communication, other social media like Facebook, twitter etc. require some basic knowledge of computers.
  3. Even children are now expected to make Power Point presentations in school. That level of computer literacy is important for children.
  4. All the banking transactions require computers. If you learn the basic operations, you can do most of the transactions easily from home.
  5. Applications for administrative works involve knowledge of computers.
  6. Searching for real estate options has not just become easy because of computers but also efficient because one can avoid a middle man.
  7. Medical equipment also use computers these days so a very basic knowledge can help you take some small steps from home.
  8. Instead of waiting in long queues it is possible to pay off your bills online.
  9. When you visit places of interest sometimes it is better to book your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment or waiting in long queues. Parking also can be booked online. And all this is possible to do only if you have certain knowledge of computers.
  10. Basic management of files, handling them and arranging them helps a lot when you need them. This is a very basic aspect of computer education.

To be able to cope up with the ever changing technology driven world, it is advantageous to have computer education for not only children but also adults and the aged. This will take the benefits of the computers to all.

By Janhavi