Short Essay on Importance of Education

Education is the training or learning of some basic skills or subjects having some positive impact on our lives. In a general sense, education refers to the academic learning that we receive in a school that equips us for some position in lives, and often for a career. This involves direct teaching from the teacher in the classroom, your own understanding and experience of the subject, practical experience and practice, if any. Going through multiple resources can broaden your horizons about different topics covered in the course.

Importance of Education

  1. Education is important because it leads us to sharpen our various faculties and put them to constructive use.
  2. Education is slightly different from literacy because literacy is acquiring the basic skills like reading, writing and arithmetic, whereas education means an overall development of the person and knowledge.
  3. Education is an ennobling influence, and an educated person develops humility for her limitations as a human being as compared to the vast amount of knowledge that is available.
  4. One decides and develops one’s career path based on the education one has received so far. A Medical student will go on to become a doctor and so on.
  5. Getting an education gives you a level playing field to face the competition in career choices.
  6. In emerging economies, child labour is an issue to be dealt with. These children have no future but that of labour. Providing education to such children gives them a chance to carve out a good life for themselves.
  7. Girls in many cultures are deprived of education. However they are equally gifted and need their chance to face the world.

Education becomes the foundation for a good life and career. An educated person is easy to make out from her humble disposition.

By Janhavi