Short Essay on Importance of English

Importance of English

Language is a means of communication between two or more persons. Over centuries many languages evolved to take care of the communication needs in different region. Some of these are dialects arising out of a primary language. As languages evolve, their grammar and syntaxes take on more and more complex forms to be able to refine expression further.

English as a language has its roots in Latin. Spoken in England and hence known as English, it spread to all parts of the world along with the English explorers, tradesmen and missionaries. Wherever the British made their colonies, English is still a prime language. When America was discovered and many English families migrated to settle and make their fortunes, naturally English took on roots with local additions and became the most spoken language. It is also called the Gentleman’s language.

  1. As a language, English is fairly simple to learn, but it has too many exceptions which may be sometimes tiresome for foreign learners.
  2. Most of the communication across the globe happens in English, especially international communication. In that sense, English may be considered the Universal language.
  3. English as a language has the capacity to unite the different nations cut off by boundaries and languages and yet united by cultures and climates such as the many countries in the European Union.
  4. People all across the globe look up to English with respect and the person conversant in English finds himself in an advantageous position.
  5. The grammar of English is not as organised as some of the more complex languages like French. This is an advantage because a learner does not have to go through tough and numerous grammatical lessons.
  6. One of the biggest advantages of English language is its script which it shares with many countries across the world, making the reading part that much easier.
  7. Most of the latest technology and the tech start-ups have the advantage of English and also the people who can use them.
  8. English is spoken by most people spread across the globe.

The importance of learning English as a language is being felt more in the globalizing world.

By Janhavi