Short Essay on Importance of Reading

Reading is an activity that allows you to decipher the meaning of words that an author has assembled as a way of passing on information. Reading is mostly referred to in connection with books. However reading might be about taking measurements as in ‘reading a thermometer’ or ‘reading the water meter’ etc. A third way the word ‘Reading’ is used is in higher education, such as ‘She is reading Law in the University’. Probably for all the reading of the subjects and topics that needs to be gone through for becoming an expert, the term study is generalized into ‘Reading’.

Importance of Reading

However, reading is an important part of education and also a basic skill to be considered a literate. Most people can read at least one script. Many non-western people can also read two scripts at a time. The importance of reading is summarized below in points.

  1. The ability to read of course opens up vast amounts of knowledge that has been recorded since ancient times. All the books and manuscripts are available for study.
  2. Reading is a very good way to learn almost any subject, that is unless the practical aspect of study is more significant. You can study law, history, economics, mathematics, etc., if you do get some good reading material.
  3. Having read a lot about various subjects and issues, one gains information and finds oneself capable of expressing opinions in debates.
  4. Having knowledge about many subjects and a thorough knowledge of even one subject can boost your confidence immensely.
  5. It is an excellent way to experience feelings that one may or may not have access to in reality. A large part of this is depends upon the abilities of the author. For example, if you read a well written romance, it is easy to go into the light-headedness of falling in love.
  6. One big advantage of reading in the modern times is that it is a form of entertainment that can be carried with you on your tablet, smartphone also, many books at a time.
  7. Reading to or with children is a fantastic way of bonding with them as parents, and at the same time inculcating a habit that the child will value for

Reading is one of the skills that can combine learning with entertainment irrespective of location of the reader.

By Janhavi